RUSSIANEASY.NET translit map

a аb бv вg гd дe еó ёw жz зi иj й
k кl лm мn нo оp пr рc сt тy уf ф
x хç цh чs шý Щ· ъu ы' ьé эú юq я
latin / cyrillic visually similar
a аb бe еk кm мo оc сt тy уx х
quite similar
q я (remove diagonal)h ч (rotate 180)d д (capital)é э (flip horizontally)ç ц (rotate 90)w ж (top half)z з (in cursive)
g гv вi иj йl лn нp пr р
f фs шý щu ыú юó ё' ь· ъ

This latin map is chosen to be visually similar to cyrillic as much as possible, to aid any future mental transition to reading cyrillic.

install RUSSIANEASY HERE. Then go to any Russian page and click the icon ARRO top right, websites in these languages will then be transliterated to western alphabet.

The original script is left intact in case you choose to translate any words with an extension such as MYVOCABU, which also plays audio for some languages.

Learn Russian with lyrics and pop songs:To view SUBTITLES click on the Subtitles/CC symbol in video bottom right RUSSIANEASY POP MUSIC CHANNEL

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