1.2. Reduction
The vowel O can be pronounced in two ways. [table “” not found /]
1.3. Syllables and stress
In Russian, like in lots of other languages, words can be split into units of speech sounds — syllables ( – ). Russian words have different type of stress ( ^ ). Stress is the relative emphasis that may be given to certain syllables. Since the pronunciation of some vowels depends on where the stress falls, it is very important to get used to[table “” not found /]
1.4. The rules of reading consonants
All Russian consonants can be of two types — voiced and voiceless.
Some of them have pairs
And some are only of one type
Voiced — M, N, R, L, J
Voiceless — Ý, C, Ç, X
At the end of the word read them voiceless
Klub (p)
Zub (p)
Drug (k)
Vrag (k)
Flag (k)
Sneg (k)
Sad (t)
God (t)
Gorod (t)
Now (h)
Muw (h)
Gaz (s)
Glaz (s)
At the beginning of the word (if followed by a voiceless sound)
V (f) segda
V (f) cera
V (f) tornik
The combination ego is pronounced as evo
Seg (v) odnq
Eg (v) o
Moeg (v) o
Niceg (v) o

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