Forrest Gump

Parallel’nye Perevody: – sbornik russko-anglijskix parallel’nyx perevodov v svobodnom dostupe

Forrest Gamp

1Hello. My name’s Forrest. Forrest Gump. Zdravstvujte. Menq zovut Forrest. Forrest Gamp.
2Do you want a chocolate? Xotite hokolad?
3I could eat about a million and a half of these. Q mogu sºest’ poltora milliona takix.
4My mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. Mama vsegda govorila, cto wizn’ poxowa na korobku s hokoladom.
5You never know what you’re gonna get. Nikogda ne znaeh’, kakuú vytaýih’.
6Those must be comfortable shoes. Éto dolwno byt’ udobnye tufli.
7I’ll bet you could walk all day in shoes like that and not feel a thing. B’ús’ ob zaklad, Vy mowete ves’ den’ gulqt’ v takix vot tuflqx i nicego ne budete cuvstvovat’.
8I wish I had shoes like that. Q xotel by, ctoby u menq byli takie tufli.
9My feet hurt. U menq bolqt stupni.
10Mama always said there’s an awful lot Mama vsegda govorila, cto uwasno mnogo
11you could tell about a person by their shoes: mowno skazat’ o celoveke po ego tuflqm.
12where they’re going, where they’ve been. Kuda on idet, gde on byl.
13I’ve worn lots of shoes. U menq bylo mnogo obuvi.
14I bet if I think about it real hard, I could remember my first pair of shoes. Esli q postaraús’, to ,navernoe, Q smogu vspomnit’ moú pervuú paru obuvi.
15Mama said they’d take me anywhere. Mama govorila, cto v nix q mogu dojti kuda zaxocu.
16She said they was my magic shoes. Ona govorila, cto éto volhebnye tufli.
17All right, Forrest, you can open your eyes now. Xoroho, Forrest, teper’ otkroj glaza.
18Let’s take a little walk around. Davaj soverhim nebol’huú progulku.
19How do those feel? Cto ty cuvstvueh’?
20His legs are strong, Mrs. Gump, Ego nogi ocen’ sil’nye, missis Gamp,
21as strong as I’ve ever seen, samye sil’nye, kotorye q kogda-libo videl.
22but his back is as crooked as a politician. No ego spina krivaq kak politika.
23But we’re gonna straighten him right up, now, aren’t we, Forrest? No my pytaemsq vypravit’ ee, ne tak li, Forrest?
24Forrest! Forrest!
25Now, when I was a baby, Kogda q byl rebenkom,
26Mama named me after the great Civil War hero, mama nazvala menq v cest’ velikogo Geroq Grawdanskoj Vojny,
27General Nathan Bedford Forrest. generala Natana Bedforta Forresta. General Natan Bedfort Forrest.
28She said we was related to him in some way. Ona govorila, my byli s nim kak-to svqzany.
29And what he did was, On byl tem celovekom,
30he started up this club called the Ku Klux Klan. kotoryj organizoval klub pod nazvaniem Ku Kluks Klan.
31They’d all dress up in their robes and their bed sheets Oni odevalis’ v svoi roby i belye prostyni
32and act like a bunch of ghosts or spooks or something. i veli sebq kak kucka prividenij ili prizrakov ili cego to eýe.
33They’d even put bed sheets on their horses and ride around. Oni dawe na svoix lohadej nakidyvali belye prostyni.
34And anyway, that’s how I got my name, Forrest Gump. I, tak ili inace, q polucil imq – Forrest Gamp.
35Mama said that the “Forrest” part was to remind me that sometimes we all do things that, well, just don’t make no sense. Mama govorila, cto moe imq – éto napominanie. Napominanie togo, cto my vse delaem veýi absolútno bescuvstvennye.
36Okay… Get it, get it… Wait, is it this way? Hold on. Prodolwaj..
37All right… Xoroho…
38What are you all staring at? Cto vy vylupilis’?
39Haven’t you ever seen a little boy with braces on his legs before? Nikogda ne videli do étogo malen’kogo mal’cika v ortopediceskoj obuvi?
40Don’t ever let anybody tell you they’re better than you, Forrest. Nikogda nikomu ne pozvolqj govorit’ tebe, cto oni luche, cem ty.
41If God intended everybody to be the same, Esli by Gospod’ Bog rehil sdelat’ vsex odinakovymi,
42he’d have given us all braces on our legs. on by vsem podaril ortopediceskuú obuv’.
43Mama always had a way of explaining things so I could understand them. Mama vsegda prepodnosila mne veýi tak, ctoby q mog ix ponqt’.
44We lived about a quarter mile off Route 17, My wili primerno v cetverti mili ot 17 Hosse,
45about a half mile from the town of Greenbow, Alabama. primerno v polumile ot gorodka Grinbou, Alabama.
46That’s in the county of Greenbow. Éto v provinçii Grinbou.
47Our house had been in Mama’s family since her grandpa’s grandpa’s grandpa Nah dom prinadlewal maminoj sem’e, s tex por, kak ee praprapradeduhka
48had come across the ocean about 1,000 years ago, something like that. priexal iz-za okeana bolee tysqci let nazad.
49Since it was just me and Mama and we had all these empty rooms, Posle étogo tam wili q i mama, vo vsex étix pustyx komnatax.
50Mama decided to let those rooms out, Mama rehila sdat’ éti komnaty.
51mostly to people passing through, Dlq lúdej kotorye proezwali mimo v drugie goroda,
52like from, oh, Mobile, Montgomery, places like that. takie kak Montgomeri, Mobil.
53That’s how me and Mama got money. Tak my s mamoj zarabatyvali den’gi.
54Mama was a real smart lady. Moq mama byla po-nastoqýemu umnaq ledi.
55Remember what I told you, Forrest. You’re no different than anybody else is. Pomnih’ cto q tebe govorila, Forrest? Ty ne otlicaeh’sq ot vsex.
56Did you hear what I said, Forrest? Ty slyhal, cto q skazala, Forrest?
57You’re the same as everybody else. You are no different. Ty takoj we kak i vse. Ty takoj we…
58Your boy’s different, Mrs. Gump. Vah mal’cik… otlicaetsq ot drugix, missis Gamp.
59Now, his IQ is 75. Ego IQ raven 75.
60Well, we’re all different, Mr. Hancock. Da ladno, my vse drug ot druga otlicaemsq. Mister Xankok.
61She wanted me to have the finest education, Ona xotela, ctoby q polucil samoe luchee obrazovanie,
62so she took me to the Greenbow County Central School. i poétomu, ona otpravila menq v Çentral’nuú Hkolu Grinbou.
63I met the principal and all. Q poznakomilsq s direktorom hkoly i so vsemi ostal’nymi.
64I want to show you something, Mrs. Gump. Q xocu Vam koe-cto pokazat’, missis Gamp.
65Now, this is normal. Éto – norma.
66Forrest is right here. Forrest zdes’.
67The state requires a minimum IQ of 80 to attend public school, Mrs. Gump. Neobxodimo, ctoby IQ byl po men’hej mere 80 dlq poseýeniq castnoj hkoly. Missis Gamp,
68He’s gonna have to go to a special school. on budet poseýat’ osobuú hkolu.
69Now, he’ll be just fine. On budet molodçom.
70What does “normal” mean, anyway? Nu cto znacit norma?
71He might be a bit on the slow side, On mowet by… malen’ko… medlenno soobrawaet.
72but my boy Forrest is gonna get No moj mal’cik Forrest
73the same opportunities as everyone else. polucit takie we vozmownosti, kak i vse ostal’nye.
74He’s not going to some special school to learn how to re-tread tires. On ne pojdet v kakuú-to osobuú hkolu ucit’sq menqt’ kolesa.
75We’re talking about five little points here. My govorim ob kakix-to 5 punktax.
76There must be something can be done. Nu cto-nibud’ mowno pridumat’.
77We’re a progressive school system. U nas razvivaúýaqsq hkola.
78We don’t want to see anybody left behind. My ne xotim, ctoby kto-to byl lihen kakoj-to vozmownosti.
79Is there a Mr. Gump, Mrs. Gump? Missis Gamp, a mister Gamp est’?
80He’s on vacation. On v otpuske. Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee!
81Well, your mama sure does care about your schooling, son. Tvoq zabotit’sq o tom, ctoby ty xoroho vyucilsq, synok. Mmmm…mmm.mmm.
82You don’t say much, do you? Ty nerazgovorciv. Ne tak li? Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee!
83“Finally, he had to try. I on rehil popytat’sq.
84“It looked easy, but, Éto bylo prosto…, no
85“oh, what happened. postoqnno cto-to slucalos’.
86-“First, there…” -Mama, what’s “vacation” mean? Mama, cto znacit otpusk?
87-Vacation? -Where Daddy went. Otpusk? Kuda papa uexal?
88Vacation’s when you go somewhere Otpusk znacit, ty kuda-nibud’ otpravilsq…
89and you don’t ever come back. I ty nikogda ne verneh’sq.
90Anyway, I guess you could say me and Mama was on our own. Takim obrazom, vy mowete skazat’, cto q i mama ostalis’ na popecenie sami u sebq.
91But we didn’t mind. Our house was never empty. No my tak ne dumali. V nahem dome nikogda ne bylo pusto.
92There was always folks coming and going. Narod postoqnno to uxodil, to prixodil.
93Supper. Uwin!
94-It’s supper, everyone. Forrest… -My, my. That sure looks special. Vse uwinat’! Éto vyglqdelo neobycno.
95Sometimes we had so many people staying with us Inogda u nas bylo stol’ko mnogo naroda,
96that every room was filled with travelers. You know, folks living out of their suitcases cto kawdaq komnata byla perepolnena, I narod wil prqmo na cemodanax,
97and hat cases and sample cases. sumkax i sakvoqwax.
98Forrest Gump, it’s suppertime! Forrest… Forrest Gamp! Vremq uwinat’! Forrest?
99One time, a young man was staying with us, Odnawdy u nas ostanovilsq molodoj celovek,
100and he had him a guitar case. kotoryj s soboj nosil gitaru v cexle.
101Forrest! I told you not to bother this nice young man. Forrest. Q prosila tebq ne nadoedat’ étomu krasivomu molodomu celoveku.
102Oh, no, that’s all right, ma’am. Net, vse v porqdke mém.
103I was just showing him a thing or two on the guitar here. Q pokawu emu paru veýej na gitare.
104All right, but your supper’s ready if y’all want to eat. Xoroho. Uwin gotov, esli vy xotite est’.
105Yeah, that sounds good. Thank you, ma’am. Da, éto zvucit neploxo. Spasibo mém.
106Say, man, show me that crazy little walk you just did there. Sluhaj, pokawi mne eýe raz étu sumashedhuú poxodku.
107Slow it down some. Tol’ko pomedlennee.
108I liked that guitar. Mne nravilas’ éta gitara.
109It sounded good. Ona prekrasno zvucala.
110I started moving around to the music, swinging my hips. Q nacal dvigat’sq pod muzyku. Krutit’ bedrami.
111This one night, me and Mama was out shopping, Odnawdy noc’ú,
112and we walked right by Benson’s furniture and appliance store, q i mama otpravilis’ po magazinam, i proxodili mimo mebel’nogo magazina Vinsi
113and guess what? i predstavlqete cto?
114This is not for children’s eyes. Éto ne dlq detskix glaz.
115Some years later, that handsome young man Neskol’kimi godami pozwe,
116who they called “The King,” étogo celoveka, ego zdes’ nazvali Korolem,
117well, he’d sung too many songs, nu, on spel ocen’ mnogo pesen.
118had himself a heart attack, or something. U nego slucilsq serdecnyj pristup ili cto-to tipa togo.
119Must be hard being a king. Navernoe, tqwelo byt’ korolem.
120You know, it’s funny how you remember some things, but some things you can’t. Znaete, smehno kogda vspominaeh’ nekotorye veýi. A nekotorye ne moweh’ vspomnit’.
121-You do your very best now, Forrest. -I sure will, Mama. Starajsq izo vsex sil, Forrest. Konecno budu, mama.
122I remember the bus ride on the first day of school very well. Q pomnú avtobus, kotoryj v pervyj den’ nas vez v hkolu, ocen’ xoroho pomnú.
123Are you coming along? Ty edeh’?
124Mama said not to be taking rides from strangers. Mama mne nakazyvala ne ezdit’ s neznakomçami.
125This is the bus to school. Éto avtobus v hkolu.
126I’m Forrest. Forrest Gump. Menq zovut Forrest-Forrest Gamp.
127-I’m Dorothy Harris. -Well, now we ain’t strangers anymore. Q Doroti Xarris. Nu, vot my teper’ znakomy.
128This seat’s taken. Éto mesto zanqto.
129It’s taken! Zanqto.
130You can’t sit here. Ty ne moweh’ súda sest’.
131You know, it’s funny what a young man recollects, Znaete, smehno vspominat’ únyj vozrast,
132’cause I don’t remember being born. No vot kak q rodilsq q ne pomnú.
133I don’t recall what I got for my first Christmas, I ne mogu vspomnit’, cto q delal v moe pervoe Rowdestvo.
134and I don’t know when I went on my first outdoor picnic. i q ne znaú, kogda q v pervyj raz vyexal na piknik.
135But I do remember the first time I heard No q pomnú,
136the sweetest voice in the wide world. kogda q v pervyj raz uslyhal samyj sladkij golos na vsem svete.
137You can sit here if you want. Ty moweh’ sest’ súda, esli xoceh’.
138I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. Q nikogda ne videl nicego krasivee v svoej wizni.
139She was like an angel. Ona byla kak angel.
140Well, are you gonna sit down, or aren’t you? Nu, ty sobiraeh’sq sadit’sq ili net?
141What’s wrong with your legs? Cto u tebq s nogami?
142Nothing at all, thank you. My legs are just fine and dandy. Mmm, nicego takogo, spasibo. Moi nogi krasivye i modnye.
143I just sat next to her on that bus Q prosto sel v avtobuse rqdom s nej
144and had a conversation all the way to school. I vsú dorogu do hkoly my boltali.
145…my back’s crooked like a question mark. Moq spina krivaq kak znak voprosa.
146These are going to make me… And next to Mama, no one ever talked to me or asked me questions. Krome mamy, so mnoj nikto bol’he ne razgovarival i ne zadaval mne voprosov.
147Are you stupid or something? Ty tupoj ili kak?
148Mama says, “Stupid is as stupid does.” Mama skazala: “Glupyj – tot, kto glupo sebq vedet”
149-I’m Jenny. -I’m Forrest. Forrest Gump. Q Dwenni. Q Forrest – Forrest Gamp.
150From that day on, we was always together. S étogo dnq my postoqnno byli vmeste.
151Jenny and me was like peas and carrots. Dwenni i q byli poxowi na morkovku s gorohkom.
152She taught me how to climb. Ona pokazala mne kak nado karabkat’sq na derev’q.
153Come on, Forrest, you can do it. Davaj Forrest, ty smoweh’ sdelat’ éto.
154I showed her how to dangle. Q pokazal ej kak nado raskacivat’sq.
155“…a good little monkey and…” Xorohaq malen’kaq…
156She helped me learn how to read, and I showed her how to swing. Ona pomogla mne naucit’sq citat’, A q pokazal ej kak nado raskacivat’sq na nogax.
157Sometimes we’d just sit out and wait for the stars. Inogda my prosto sideli i wdali zvezd.
158-Mama’s gonna worry about me. -Just stay a little longer. Mama budet volnovat’sq za menq. Ostan’sq eýe nenadolgo.
159For some reason, Jenny didn’t never want to go home. Po kakim to pricinam, Dwenni nikogda ne xotela idti domoj.
160Okay, Jenny, I’ll stay. OK, Dwenni. Q ostaús’.
161She was my most special friend. Ona byla moim luchim drugom.
162My only friend. Moim edinstvennym drugom.
163Now, my mama always told me that miracles happen every day. Mama vsegda govorila mne, cto cudesa proisxodqt kawdyj den’.
164Some people don’t think so, but they do. Nekotorye lúdi tak ne dumaút, no éto tak.
165Hey, dummy! Are you retarded, or just plain stupid? Ty idiot ili prosto pridurivaeh’sq?
166-“Look, I’m Forrest Gimp.” -Just run away, Forrest. Posluhaj, q Forrest Gamp. Uxodi, Forrest.
167Run, Forrest! Run away! Hurry! Forrest, begi! Ubegaj! Bystro!
168-Get the bikes! -Hurry up! Let’s get him! Po konqm! Dognat’! Davaj! Ostorowno, Forrest!
169-Come on! -Look out, dummy, here we come! We’re gonna get you! My tebq ub’em!
170Run, Forrest, run! Run, Forrest! Begi Forrest, begi! Begi, Forrest!
171Come back here, you! Éj ty. Vernis’! Xa xa xa xa xa!
172Run, Forrest! Begi, Forrest!
173Run! Ubegaj!
174Now, you wouldn’t believe it if I told you, Vy mowete mne ne poverit’, no…
175but I can run like the wind blows. q bewal bystro kak veter.
176From that day on, if I was going somewhere, S tex por, kuda by q ni otpravlqlsq,
177I was running! q bewal.
178He’s getting away! Stop him! That boy sure is a running fool. Étot paren’ tocno begaúýij pridurok.
179Now, remember how I told you that Pomnite, kak q govoril vam, cto
180Jenny never seemed to want to go home? Dwenni nikogda ne xotela idti domoj?
181Well, she lived in a house that was as old as Alabama. Ona wila v dome takom we starom, kak sam htat Alabama.
182Her mama had gone up to heaven when she was five, Ee mat’ otpravilas’ na nebesa, kogda ej bylo vsego 5 let.
183and her daddy was some kind of a farmer. A ee oteç byl kem-to vrode fermera.
184Jenny? Dwenni?
185He was a very loving man. On byl lúbqýim otçom.
186He was always kissing and touching her and her sisters. On vsegda çeloval i obnimal ee i sester.
187And then this one time, Jenny wasn’t on the bus to go to school. I odnawdy, Dwenni ne prihla na avtobus v hkolu.
188Jenny, why didn’t you come to school today? Dwenni, pocemu ty ne prihla segodnq v hkolu?
189Daddy’s taking a nap. Tihe. Papa spit.
190-Jenny! -Come on! Dwenni! Pohli!
191Jenny, where’d you run to? Dwenni, kuda ty bewih’?
192You’d better get back here, girl! Dlq tebq we budet luche esli ty verneh’sq, devconka!
193Where you at? Gde ty?
194Jenny! Jenny! Where you at? Dwenni! Dwenni, ty gde?
195Jenny! Dwenni!
196Pray with me, Forrest. Pray with me. Molis’ so mnoj, Forrest! Molis’ vmeste so mnoj.
197Jenny! Dwenni!
198Dear God, make me a bird so I can fly far, O, Gospodi! Sdelaj menq ptickoj, ctoby q mogla letat’ vysoko-vysoko…
199far, far away from here. uletet’ daleko-daleko otsúda…
200Dear God, make me a bird so I can fly far, far, far away from here. Gospodi! Sdelaj menq ptickoj, ctoby q mogla letat’ vysoko-vysoko…
201Mama always said that God is mysterious. Mama vsegda govorila, cto Bog – vsego lih’ vydumka.
202Jenny! Dwenni!
203He didn’t turn Jenny into a bird that day. You’d better get back here! V étot den’ on ne prevratil Dwenni v pticku.
204Instead, Vzamen,
205he had the police say Jenny didn’t have to stay in that house no more. on sdelal tak, cto poliçiq skazala, ctoby Dwenni ne ostavalas’ bol’he wit’ v étom dome.
206She went to live with her grandma just over on Creekmore Avenue, I ona otpravilas’ wit’ k svoej babuhke, Na Grikmo Avenú,
207which made me happy, ’cause she was so close. Otcego q stal ocen’ scastliv, potomu cto ona teper’ byla tak blizko ko mne.
208Some nights, Jenny would sneak out and come on over to my house, Inogda noc’ú, Dwenni sbegala i prixodila ko mne domoj.
209just ’cause she said she was scared. Potomu cto, kak ona govorila, ej bylo ocen’ strahno.
210Scared of what, I don’t know, Q ne znal, cego ona boitsq.
211but I think it was her grandma’s dog. No q dumaú, cto ona boqlas’ babuhkinogo psa.
212He was a mean dog. Éto byla zdorovaq psina.
213Anyway, Jenny and me was best friends V obýem, my s Dwenni byli luchimi druz’qmi.
214all the way up through high school. I ostalis’ imi do kolledwa.
215-Hey, stupid! -Quit it! Éj, pridurok! Svalivaj otsúda!
216-Run, Forrest, run! -Hey, Begi Forrest!
217did you hear me, stupid? Éj, ty menq ne slyhih’ cto li, idiot?
218-Run, Forrest! -Come on, get in the truck! Get in the truck! Let’s move it! Begi Forrest! V gruzovik!
219Come on, he’s getting away! Move it! Éj! On ubegaet! Poexali!!
220Run, Forrest! Run! Begi, Forrest! Xa,xa!
221-You better be running, stupid! -Come on, dummy! Poexali, poexali!
222-Haul ass, dummy! -Yeah, you better get running! Tebe luche smotat’sq!
223Jack rabbit! Yeah! Aga!
224Go! Go! Go! – Vpered!
225Run, Forrest! Begi Forrest!
226Now, it used to be, I ran to get where I was going, Bylo vremq, kogda q bewal ctoby kuda-nibud’ dobewat’.
227I never thought it would take me anywhere. Q nikogda ne dumal o tom, cto kuda-nibud’ pribegu.
228-Who in the hell is that? -That there is Forrest Gump, Coach. Ogo! Kto on, cert ego poderi? Éto Forrest Gamp, trener.
229Just a local idiot. Prosto mestnyj idiot.
230And can you believe it? I got to go to college, too. I vy mowete poverit’? Q towe postupil v kolledw.
231Forrest! Forrest! Run! Forrest! Hevelis’!
232-Okay! -Run! Begi! O.K.!
233Run, you stupid son of a bitch! Run! Begi! Begi, tupoj sukin syn, begi!
234You son of a bitch! Run! Go! Run! Begi, suconok, davaj! Davaj, davaj, davaj!
235No! Turn! Go! Begi! Begi! Begi!
236He must be the stupidest son of a bitch alive, Mowet byt’ on samyj tupoj sukin syn na svete,
237but he sure is fast! no on bystryj.
238Now, maybe it’s just me, but college was very confusing times. mowet byt’ éto prosto moi mysli, no v kolledwe bylo mnogo neponqtnyx veýej.
239Federal troops enforcing a court order Federal’nye vojska, po reheniú suda,
240integrated the University of Alabama today. dobilis’ integraçii kolledwa v Alabame.
241Two negroes were admitted, Dva negra byli prinqty.
242but only after Governor George Wallace had carried out his symbolic threat Éto bylo sdelano posle togo, kak Gubernator Dwordw Uollas vypolnil svoú simvoliceskuú ugrozu
243to stand in the school house door. i vstal posredi vxoda.
244Governor Wallace, I take it from that statement, that… Éto izvestno iz utverwdeniq…
245Earl, what’s going on? Karl, cto proisxodit?
246-Coons are trying to get into school. -Coons? Cernye pytaútsq proniknut’ v hkolu.
247When raccoons try to get on our back porch, Cernye? Kogda cernye enoty pytaútsq proniknut’ k nam na verandu,
248Mama just chase them off with a broom. mama prosto progonqet ix metloj.
249Not raccoons, you idiot, niggers, and they want to go to school with us. Ne enoty, pridurok. Negry. I oni xotqt xodit’ v hkolu vmeste s nami.
250With us? They do? S nami? Cto pravda?
251Shortly after Governor Wallace had carried out his promise Vskore posle togo, kak gubernator Uollas
252to block the doorway, prikazal zakryt’ dveri,
253President Kennedy ordered the Secretary of Defense then to use military force. Kennedi prikazal Departamentu Zaýity ispol’zovat’ voennye sily.
254Here, by videotape, is the encounter by General Graham, commander of the National Guard, and Governor Wallace. Zdes’, na videoplenke, vstreca generala Groxama, komandira Naçional’noj gvardii, i gubernatora Uollasa.
255…because these National Guardsmen are here today …cleny Naçional’noj Gvardii
256as federal soldiers for Alabamans. segodnq zdes’ v roli federal’nyx vojsk v Alabame
257They live within our borders, they are all our brothers. Oni wivut rqdom s graniçej Oni nahi brat’q.
258We are winning in this fight, My vyigraem éto srawenie,
259because we are awakening the American people Potomu cto my amerikanskie lúdi, kotorye otkryli glaza
260to the dangers that we have spoken about so many times, na opasnost’, o kotoroj my tak mnogo govorim,
261just so evident today, the trend towards military dictatorship in this country. kotoraq stala tak ocevidna segodnq. My ustanovim voennuú diktaturu v étoj strane.
262And so, at day’s end, the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa had been desegregated Itak, v poslednij den’ , universitet Alabamy v Tuskaluse obºqvlen dezintegrirovannym
263and students Jimmy Hood and Vivian Malone i studenty Dwimmi Xud i Vivian Malon
264had been signed up for summer classes. zapisalis’ na letnie kursy.
265Ma’am, you dropped your book. Ma’am… Mém, vy uronili knigu. Mém.
266Governor Wallace did what he promised to do. Gubernator Uollas vypolnil to, cto obeýal.
267By being on the Tuscaloosa campus, he kept the mob from gathering… Kogda on naxodilsq v Tuskaluse, on ostavil…
268Say, wasn’t that Gump? Skawi, éto ne Gamp?
269-Nah, that couldn’t be. -It sure as hell was. Ne mowet byt’! Éto on, cert by ego pobral.
270A few years later, that angry little man Cerez neskol’ko let,
271at the school house door thought it would be a good idea étot malen’kij serdityj celovecek, kotoryj vstal v dverqx kolledwa,
272and ran for president. zanqlsq novoj ideej – stat’ prezidentom.
273But somebody thought that it wasn’t. No kto-to rehil, cto éto ne ocen’ xorohaq zateq.
274But he didn’t die. No on ne umer.
275My bus is here. Vot moj avtobus.
276-Is it the number nine? -No, it’s the number four. Nomer 9? Net, nomer 4.
277It was nice talking to you. Priqtno bylo poboltat’ s Vami.
278I remember when that happened, when Wallace got shot. Q pomnú, kogda éto proizohlo,
279I was in college. Did you go to a girls’ college, kogda v Uollasa vystrelili. Q byla v kolledwe.
280or to a girls-and-boys-together college? Ty xodila v kolledw dlq devocek ili dlq mal’cikov i devocek?
281It was co-ed. V kolledw, smehannogo tipa.
282‘Cause Jenny went to a college I couldn’t go to. Q ne smog pojti v kolledw, v kotoryj postupila Dwenni.
283It was a college just for girls. Éto byl kolledw tol’ko dlq devocek.
284But I’d go and visit her every chance I got. No q xodil i naveýal ee vsqkij raz, kogda tol’ko mog.
285That hurts. O! Cert, bol’no.
286Forrest! Forrest! Forrest! Forrest!
287-Forrest, stop it! Stop it! -Jesus! Forrest, prekrati! Perestan’!
288What are you doing? Cto ty delaeh’?
289-He was hurting you. -What the hell is going on here? On poranil tebq.
290-No, he’s not! Get over there! -Who is that? Who is that? Net! Idi otsúda!
291-Billy, I’m sorry. -What the hell? Billi. Prosti.
292-Just get away from me! -Don’t… Otvali ot menq.
293-Don’t go! Billy, wait a second! -Get away from me. Ne bud’ takim – ne uxodi. Billi, podowdi sekundu.
294He doesn’t know any better! On prosto ne pridumal nicego luche.
295Forrest, why did you do that? Forrest, pocemu ty éto sdelal?
296I brought you some chocolate. Q prines tebe hokolada.
297I’m sorry. Mne tak wal’.
298-I’ll go back to my college now. -Forrest… Q vernus’ v svoj kolledw. Forrest-
299Look at you. Posmotri na sebq.
300Come on. Come on. Pojdem. Pojdem.
301Is this your room? Éto tvoq licnaq komnata? Tixo!
302Do you ever dream, Forrest, Ty kogda-nibud’ zadumyvalsq, Forrest,
303about who you’re gonna be? kem ty xoceh’ stat’?
304-Who I’m gonna be? -Yeah. Kem q xocu stat’? Da.
305Aren’t I going to be me? A pocemu q ne mogu byt’ soboj?
306Well, you’ll always be you, just another kind of you. Ty vsegda budeh’ soboj, prosto nemnogo v drugom vide.
307You know? I want to be famous. Da? Q xocu byt’ znamenitoj.
308I want to be a singer like Joan Baez. Q xocu byt’ peviçej kak Dwoan Baez.
309I just want to be on an empty stage Q prosto xocu byt’… na pustoj sçene
310with my guitar, my voice. s moej gitaroj, moim golosom.
311Just me. Tol’ko q.
312And I want to reach people on the personal level. I q xocu obogatit’ lúdej duxovno.
313I want to be able to say things, just one-to-one. Q xocu imet’ vozmownost’ rasskazat’ nekotorye veýi, kawdomu sluhatelú, kak budto odin na odin.
314Have you ever been with a girl, Forrest? Ty kogda-nibud’ s devuhkoj byl, Forrest?
315I sit next to them in my Home Economics class all the time. Q siwu rqdom s odnoj devuhkoj v ékonomiceskom klasse vse vremq.
316-I’m… Sorry. -It’s okay. O… O… Oj, prosti.
317It’s all right. Vse normal’no.
318-It’s okay. -Oh, I’m dizzy. Prosti. O… O… Vse normal’no. Vse xoroho. U menq tak golova kruwit’sq.
319I bet that never happened in Home Ec. Gotova posporit’, cto u tebq nicego takogo nikogda ne bylo.
320No. Net.
321I think I ruined your roommate’s bathrobe. Mne kawetsq q porval tvoj bannyj xalat.
322I don’t care. I don’t like her, anyway. Nu i cto. On mne vse ravno ne nravilsq.
323Run! Run! Run! Begi! Begi! Begi! Begi!
324-Run! Run! Run! -Run! Run! Run! Begi! Begi! Begi! Begi! Begi! Begi! Begi! Begi! Begi! Begi! Begi! Begi! Begi! Begi! Stoj! Stoj! Stoj!
325College ran by real fast, ’cause I played so much football. Vremq v kolledwe prohlo bystro, potomu cto q ocen’ mnogo igral v futbol.
326They even put me on a thing called the All-America Team, Oni dawe posylali menq na takuú veý’, kak Amerikanskaq sbornaq,
327where you get to meet the President of the United States. kotoruú privetstvoval Prezident Ameriki.
328President Kennedy met with the Collegiate Prezident Kennedi segodnq vstrecalsq
329All-American Football Team at the Oval Office today. s universitetskoj sbornoj po futbolu v Oval Ofise.
330Now, the really good thing about meeting Dejstvitel’no xorohaq veý’,
331the President of the United States is the food. kotoruú q uvidel na vstrece s Prezidentom Ameriki byla eda.
332They put you in this little room with just about anything Vse sadqtsq v malen’koj komnate,
333you’d want to eat or drink. gde est’ vse, cto vy xoteli by sºest’ ili vypit’.
334And since, number one, I wasn’t hungry, but thirsty, No, vo-pervyx, mne ne xotelos’ est’ – tol’ko pit’,
335and number two, they was free, vo-vtoryx, vse bylo naxalqvu.
336I must have drank me about 15 Dr. Peppers. Q vypil gde-to 15 banok Doktor Pepper.
337Congratulations. How does it feel to be an All-American? Kak cuvstvovat’ sebq clenom amerikanskoj sbornoj?
338It’s an honor, sir. Éto cest’, sér.
339Congratulations. How does it feel to be an All-American? Kak cuvstvovat’ sebq clenom amerikanskoj sbornoj?
340Very good, sir. Ocen’ xoroho, sér.
341Congratulations. How does it feel to be an All-American? Kak cuvstvovat’ sebq clenom amerikanskoj sbornoj?
342Very good, sir. Ocen’ xoroho, sér.
343-Congratulations. How do you feel? -I gotta pee. Pozdravlqú. Cto vy cuvstvuete? Q xocu pisat’.
344I believe he said he had to “go pee.” Tocno, tebe nuwno pi-pi.
345Sometime later, for no particular reason, Spustq nekotoroe vremq, bez kakix-libo pricin,
346somebody shot that nice young President, kto-to ubil étogo molodogo prezidenta
347when he was riding in his car. kogda tot exal na svoej mahine.
348And a few years after that, somebody shot his little brother, too, Cerez neskol’ko let, kto-to ubil ego malen’kogo brata,
349only he was in a hotel kitchen. kogda on byl v otele.
350It must be hard being brothers. Navernoe tqwelo byt’ bratom.
351I wouldn’t know. No q étogo ne znaú.
352Forrest Gump. Forrest Gamp.
353Now can you believe it? I mowete poverit’?
354After only five years of playing football, I got a college degree. Vsego posle pqti let igry v futbol, q polucil diplom.
355Congratulations, son. Pozdravlqú, synok.
356Mama was so proud. Mama ocen’ gordilas’ mnoú.
357Forrest, I’m so proud of you. Here, I’ll hold this for you. Forrest, q tak gorwus’ toboj. Davaj poderwu.
358Congratulations, son. Pozdravlqú, synok.
359Have you given any thought to your future? U tebq est’ kakie-nibud’ mysli nascet buduýego?
360Thought? Mysli?
361Hello, I’m Forrest. Forrest Gump. Privet. Q Forrest. Forrest Gamp.
362Nobody gives a hunk of shit who you are, fuzzball! Da mne nasrat’ na tebq i na to, kto ty takoj, pryý vonúcij.
363You’re not even a low-life, scum-sucking maggot! Ty zdes’ voobýe ne celovek, a moca oslinaq.
364Get your faggotty ass on the bus. You’re in the Army now! Davaj, gavnúk, priwmi svoú zadniçu k siden’ú. Ty uwe v armii.
365This seat’s taken. Mesto zanqto.
366Taken. Zanqto.
367At first, it seemed like I made a mistake, Ponacalu mne kazalos’, cto q soverhil ohibku.
368seeing how it was only my induction day Tol’ko pervyj den’ prizyva,
369and I was already getting yelled at. i uwe na menq vopqt.
370You can sit down if you want to. Sadis’ esli xoceh’.
371I didn’t know who I might meet, or what they might ask. Q ne znal, kogo q mogu povstrecat’ i cto u menq mogut sprosit’.
372You ever been on a real shrimp boat? Ty kogda-nibud’ byl na katere dlq lovli krevetok?
373No, but I been on a real big boat. Net. No q byl na dejstvitel’no bol’hom korable.
374I’m talking about a shrimp-catching boat. Da net. Q tebe govorú pro lodku, na kotoroj lovqt krevetok.
375I’ve been working on shrimp boats all my life. Q na takoj lodke vsú wizn’ prorabotal.
376I started out on my uncle’s boat, that’s my mama’s brother, Q nacinal na lodke moego dqdi,
377when I was about maybe nine. kogda mne bylo gde-to let 9.
378I was just looking into buying a boat of my own and got drafted. Q xotel kupit’ sobstvennuú lodku, a menq prizvali v armiú.
379My given name is Benjamin Buford Blue. People call me Bubba. Menq zovut Benwamin Buford Blú. Vse zovut menq Babba.
380Just like one of them old redneck boys. Can you believe that? Prqmo kak odnogo iz tex krasnoheix parnej. Ponimaeh’?
381My name’s Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump. Menq zovut Forrest Gamp. I vse nazyvaút menq Forrest Gamp.
382So, Bubba was from Bayou La Batre, Alabama, Babba byl iz Baú La Batre, htat Alabama.
383and his mama cooked shrimp, Ego mat’ gotovila krevetki.
384and her mama before her cooked shrimp, I mama ee mamy towe gotovila krevetki.
385and her mama before her mama cooked shrimp, too. I eó mama mamy eó mamy towe gotovila krevetki.
386Bubba’s family knew everything Sem’q Bubby znala vse,
387there was to know about the shrimping business. cto kasaetsq krevetocnogo biznesa.
388I know everything there is to know about the shrimping business. Q znaú vse, cto kasaetsq krevetocnogo biznesa.
389Matter of fact, I’m going into the shrimping business for myself Q sam sobiraús’ zanqt’sq krevetocnym biznesom,
390after I get out the Army. kogda pridu iz armii.
391Okay. O.K.
392Gump! What’s your sole purpose in this Army? Gamp! Kakova tvoq çel’ prebyvaniq v armii?
393To do whatever you tell me, Drill Sergeant! Delat’ vse, cto Vy mne govorite, serwant Drill.
394God damn it, Gump! You’re a goddamn genius! Cert voz’mi, Gamp. Ty prosto sranyj genij!
395That’s the most outstanding answer I’ve ever heard. Éto samyj oxrenitel’nyj otvet, kotoryj q kogda-libo slyhal v wizni.
396You must have a goddamn IQ of 160! U tebq navernoe IQ 160.
397You are goddamn gifted, Private Gump! U tebq prosto dar kakoj-to, rqdovoj Gamp.
398Listen up, people! Sluhajte menq!
399Now, for some reason, I fit in the Army like one of them round pegs. Po kakim-to pricinam, q vpisalsq v armejskuú wizn’
400It’s not really hard. Éto na samom dele ne tqwelo.
401You just make your bed real neat and remember to stand up straight, Vy prosto dolwny zapravlqt’ postel’, stoqt’ rovno,
402and always answer every question with, “Yes, Drill Sergeant!” i vsegda na kawdyj vopros otvecat’, s dobavleniem: “Da, serwant Drill'”
403Is that clear? Ponqtno?
404-Yes, Drill Sergeant! -Yes, Drill Sergeant! Da, serwant Drill’!
405What you do is, you just drag your nets along the bottom. Opuskaeh’ tral,
406On a good day, you can catch over 100 pounds of shrimp. I v xorohij den’ ty moweh’ pojmat’ bol’he 100 funtov étix krevetok.
407If everything goes all right, two men shrimping 10 hours, Nu, podumaj, esli 2 celoveka po 10 casov lovqt krevetok.
408less what you spend on gas, you can… to tam budet v itoge…
409-Done, Drill Sergeant! -Gump! Gotovo, serwant Drill’!
410Why did you put that weapon together so quickly, Gump? Gamp! Kak ty tak bystro sobral vintovku?
411You told me to, Drill Sergeant. Vy mne skazali tak sdelat’, serwant Drill’.
412Jesus H. Christ, this is a new company record. Gospodi ty Bowe moj. Éto novyj rekord v rote.
413If it wouldn’t be a waste of such a damn fine enlisted man, Esli by poterq takogo rqdovogo ne byla by takoj bol’hoj utratoj,
414I’d recommend you for OCS, Private Gump. q by porekomendoval tebq perevesti v serwanty, rqdovoj Gamp.
415You are gonna be a general some day, Gump. Kogda-nibud’ ty staneh’ generalom!
416Now, disassemble your weapon and continue! A teper’ razberi oruwie.
417Anyway, like I was saying, shrimp is the fruit of the sea. Q tebe govorú, krevetki – frukt morq.
418You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, sautG© it. Ty moweh’ ix koptit’, varit’, warit’, pec’, parit’.
419There’s shrimp kebabs, shrimp Creole… Iz nix mowno sdelat’ krevetocnyj kebab,
420…shrimp gumbo, pan fried, deep fried, stir fried. mowno delat’ gambo, warit’ v masle, bez masla. passirovat’.
421There’s pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, Éto krevetki v ananase
422coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp… i krevetki v limone, krevetki v kokose, krevetki s perçem,
423…shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, krevetocnyj sup, krevetocnoe ragu, krevetocnyj salat, krevetki s kartohkoj,
424shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich… krevetburgery, sandvici s krevetkami.
425That’s… That’s about it. Nu éto po-moemu vse.
426Night time in the Army is a lonely time. Noc’ú v armii odinoko.
427We’d lay there in our bunks and I’d miss my mama. My vse lowilis’ na krovati
428And I’d miss Jenny. i po Dwenni.
429Hey, Gump, get a load of the tits on her! Éj, Gamp! Ty tol’ko posmotri, kakie u nee sis’ki.
430Turns out, Jenny had gotten into some trouble over Vyqsnilos’… cto u Dwenni byli koe-kakie nepriqtnosti
431some photos of her in her college sweater, iz-za fotografij, na kotoryx ona v forme kolledwa.
432and she was thrown out of school. I ee vyperli ottuda.
433But that wasn’t a bad thing, No éto bylo neploxo.
434because a man who owns a theater in Memphis, Tennessee, Potomu cto celovek, kotoryj imel teatr v Memfise, htat Tennessi.
435saw those photos and offered Jenny a job singing in a show. videl éti fotografii.. i predlowil Dwenni pet’ v odnom iz hou.
436The first chance I got, I pri pervoj we vozmownosti,
437I took the bus up to Memphis to see her perform in that show. q sel v avtobus do Memfisa, posmotret’ na nee v hou.
438That was Amber, Amber Flame. Éto byl Amber, Amber Fléjm.
439Give her a big hand, guys. Good job, Amber. Vstrecaem bol’himi aplodismentami.
440And now, for your listening and viewing pleasure, A teper’, dlq uslawdeniq vahix glaz i uhej,
441direct from Hollywood, California, our very own beatnik beauty, prqmo iz Gollivuda, Kaliforniq, naha samaq nastoqýaq krasotka.
442let’s give a big round of applause to the luscious Bobbi Dylan. -All right! -Bobbi! Davajte vstretim aplodismentami sladcajhuú Bobbi Dilan.
443Her dream had come true. Ee mecta osuýestvilas’.
444She was a folk singer. Ona stala narodnoj peviçej.
445Come on, baby. Shake it up. Shake it up, now. Nu davaj potrqsi koe-cem…
446Hey, buddy, get her a harmonica. Dajte kto-nibud’ garmon’.
447Hey, honey, this ain’t Captain Kangaroo. Éto tebe ne kapitan Kangaru.
448Hey, honey, I got something here for you. Éj, dorogaq, u menq est’ koe-cto dlq tebq.
449-God damn it! -Hey! Hey! Stupid jerk! Da cert s toboj!. Ty tupoe nictowestvo!
450I’m singing a song here. Q zdes’ pesnú poú.
451Polly, get out here! Polli, pohla otsúda.
452-Shut up, there! -Don’t be so shy, honey. Zatknis’!
453Oh, shut up! Zatknis’!!
454Forrest, what are you doing here? Forrest, cto ty tut delaeh’?
455-What are you doing? -Hey! Cto ty delaeh’? Éj!
456-Come on. -What are you doing? Cto ty delaeh’, Forrest?
457Forrest, let me down! Otpusti menq.
458You can’t keep doing this, Forrest. Xa xa xa. Ty ne moweh’ postoqnno éto delat’, Forrest.
459You can’t keep trying to rescue me all the time. Ty ne moweh’ postoqnno pytat’sq spasti menq.
460-They was trying to grab you. -A lot of people try to grab me. Oni xoteli polapat’ tebq. Mnogo lúdej pytaetsq menq polapat’.
461Just… You can’t keep doing this all the time. Prosto ty ne moweh’ vsegda éto delat’.
462I can’t help it. I love you. Nicego ne mogu s étim sdelat’. Q lúblú tebq.
463Forrest, you don’t know what love is. Forrest… Ty ne znaeh’, cto takoe lúbov’.
464You remember that time we prayed, Forrest? Ty pomnih’, kak my s toboj molilis’, Forrest?
465We prayed for God to turn me into a bird so I could fly far, far away? My molili Boga, ctoby on obernul menq v pticku, tak ctoby q mogla uletet’ daleko-daleko.
466Yes, I do. Da, q pomnú.
467You think I could fly off this bridge? Kak ty dumaeh’, q mogu vzletet’ s étogo mosta?
468What do you mean, Jenny? Cto ty imeeh’ vvidu, Dwenni?
469Nothing. Nicego.
470I gotta get out of here. Mne nado uexat’ otsúda.
471Wait, Jenny… Podowdi, Dwenni.
472Forrest, you stay away from me, okay? You just stay away from me, please. Forrest, derwis’ ot menq podal’he. OK? Ostav’ menq v pokoe, powalujsta.
473Can I have a ride? -Where you going? -I don’t care. Ne podvezete? A kuda tebe nado? Bez razniçy.
474Get in the truck. Sadis’.
475So, bye-bye, Jenny. Poka-poka, Dwenni..
476They sending me to Vietnam. Menq otpravlqút vo V’etnam.
477It’s this whole other country. Éto soverhenno drugaq strana.
478Just hang on a minute. Podowdi minutku..
479Listen, you promise me something, okay? Posluhaj, poobeýaj mne odnu veý’, xoroho?
480Just, if you’re ever in trouble, don’t try to be brave. You just run, okay? Just run away. Esli u tebq budut kogda-nibud’ nepriqtnosti, ne bud’ xrabreçom. Prosto ubegaj.OK? Prosto ubegaj.
481Okay. O.K.
482Jenny. Dwenni.
483I’ll write you all the time. Q budu pisat’ tebe postoqnno.
484And just like that, she was gone. Itak, ona uexala. Itak, ona uexala.
485You come back safe to me, do you hear? Vozvraýajsq çelym i nevredimym. Slyhih’?
486Now, they told us that Vietnam was gonna be very different Nam skazali, cto V’etnam ocen’ otlicaetsq
487from the United States of America. Ot SHA.
488And except for all the beer cans and the barbecue, it was. Ne scitaq barbekú i piva, tak ono i bylo.
489Hey, I bet there’s shrimp all in these waters. Gotov posporit’, v étoj vode kuca krevetok.
490They tell me these Vietnams is good shrimpers. Govorqt, cto v’etnamskie krevetki ocen’ xorohie.
491You know, after we win this war, and we take over everything, Posle togo, kak my pobedim i zapolnim étu mestnost’,
492we can get American shrimpers to come out here and shrimp these waters. my smowem lovit’ zdes’ krevetok, v étoj vode.
493We’ll just shrimp all the time, man. So much shrimp, why, you wouldn’t believe it. Tol’ko krevetki…
494You must be my FNGs. Vy dolwno byt’ popolnenie.
495-Morning, sir! -Morning, sir! Dobroe utro, sér.
496Get your hands down! Do not salute me. Ruki opustite. I cest’ ne otdavajte.
497There’s goddamn snipers all around this area Zdes’ vezde éti certovy snajpery
498who would love to grease an officer. kotorye tol’ko i mectaút, kak by zamocit’ ofiçera.
499I’m Lieutenant Dan Taylor. Welcome to Fourth Platoon. Q lejtenant Dén Téjlor. Dobro powalovat’ v Fort Vzvod.
500What’s wrong with your lip? Cto u tebq s guboj?
501I was born with big gums, sir. Q rodilsq s bol’himi desnami.
502Yeah, well, you better tuck that in. Gonna get that caught on a trip wire. Luche tebe ubrat’ ee. A to moweh’ zaçepit’sq za kolúcuú provoloku.
503Where you boys from in the world? Otkuda vy, rebqta?
504-Alabama, sir! -Alabama, sir! – Iz Alabamy, sér. – Iz Alabamy, sér.
505You twins? Blizneçy?
506No, we are not relations, sir. Look, it’s pretty basic here. Net. My voobýe nikak ne svqzany. Posluhajte, zdes’ vse ocen’ prosto.
507If you stick with me and learn from the guys Derwites’ rqdom so mnoj
508who’ve been in country a while, you’ll be all right. i ucites’ u tex rebqt, kto zdes’ uwe est’, i s vami vse budet v porqdke.
509There is one item of GI gear Est’ odna veý’ iz obmundirovaniq soldata,
510that can be the difference between a live grunt and a dead grunt. kotoraq oznacaet razniçu mewdu wizn’ú i smert’ú.
511Socks. Cushion sole, OD green. Noski. I mqgkaq podohva.
512Try and keep your feet dry. Pytajtes’ soxranqt’ vahi nogi suximi.
513When we’re out humping, I want you boys to remember to change your socks whenever we stop. Kogda u nas budet prival, menqjte noski. Pri kawdoj ostanovke.
514The Mekong will eat a grunt’s feet right off his legs. Ne to Mekong sotret vam nogi, i ostanetes’ bez stupnej.
515Sergeant Sims, God damn it, Serwant Slims. Cert by vas pobral,
516where is that sling rope I told you to order? gde verevka, kotoruú q prikazal dostat’?
517I put in the requisitions at Battalion. Q otpravil zapros.
518Yeah, yeah, yeah, well, you call those sons of bitches again… Pozvoni étim sukinym detqm.
519Lieutenant Dan sure knew his stuff. I felt real lucky he was my lieutenant. Lejtenant Dén znal svoe delo. Q pocuvstvoval, cto mne ocen’ povezlo cto on moj lejtenant.
520He was from a long, great military tradition. On byl iz sem’i s davnimi velikimi voennymi tradiçiqmi.
521Somebody in his family had fought and died Kto-to iz ego sem’i srawalsq i umiral
522in every single American war. v kawdoj Amerikanskoj… vojne…
523-God damn it, kick some ass! -I’m on it, Lieutenant. Naderi im tam zadniçu, cert tebq deri.
524Get on it! Est’!
525I guess you could say he had a lot to live up to. Dumaú, vy mowete skazat’, cto iz-za mnogogo s nego mowno brat’ primer.
526So, you boys are from Arkansas, huh? Well, I’ve been through there. Nu, mal’ciki,a vy iz Arkanzasa? Nu, q mimoxodom tam kak-to byval.
527Little Rock’s a fine town. Littl Rok – prekrasnyj gorodok.
528Now, go shake down your gear, see the platoon sergeant, Bros’te rúkzaki. Vidite serwanta vzvoda?
529draw what you need for the field. Voz’mite vse, cto vam nuwno.
530If you boys are hungry, we got steaks burning right over here. Esli vy, mal’ciki, progolodalis’, von tam u nas est’ warenyj bifhteks.
531Two standing orders in this platoon: Zdes’ v nahem vzvode vsego 2 zakona –
532one, take good care of your feet, 1 – zabot’tes’ o svoix nogax
533two, try not to do anything stupid, like getting yourself killed. 2-ne pytajtes’ sdelat’ kakuú-nibud’ glupost’, naprimer, pustit’ sebe pulú v lob.
534I sure hope I don’t let him down. Nadeús’, q ne podvedu ego.
535I got to see a lot of the countryside. We would take these real long walks. Q videl mnogo cego v étoj strane. My dejstvitel’no mnogo tam xodili.
536And we were always looking for this guy named Charlie. I my vse vremq iskali étix uzkoglazyx.
537-Hold it up! -Hold up, boys! Stojte! Stoqt’!
538It wasn’t always fun. Éto ne vsegda bylo smehno.
539Lieutenant Dan was always getting these funny feelings about a rock, U lejtenanta Déna vsegda byli kakie-to interesnye predcuvstviq
540or a trail, or the road, so he’d tell us to get down, shut up… nascet skal, trop ili dorog
541Get down! Shut up! Lec’! Zatknut’sq!
542…so we did. Nu, tak my i delali.
543Now, I don’t know much about anything, Q, konecno, ne ocen’ mnogo znaú ob étom,
544but I think some of America’s best young men served in this war. No q dumaú, cto v étoj vojne byli odni iz samyx luchix amerikanskix parnej.
545There was Dallas, from Phoenix, Dallas iz Feniksa.
546Cleveland, he was from Detroit. Kleveland iz Dejtrojta.
547Hey, Tex. Hey, Tex. Éj, Teks. Éj, Teks.
548Man, what the hell’s going on? Cto za certovýina tut proisxodit?
549And Tex was… Well, I don’t remember where Tex come from. Teks byl iz… V obýem, q ne pomnú, otkuda on byl.
550Nothing. Nicego.
551Fourth Platoon, on your feet. Cetvertyj vzvod. Na nogi!
552Still got 10 klicks to go to that river. Move out. Poka q scitaú do 10, vy dolwny dobrat’sq do reki. Pohevelivajtes’.
553Come on, move out. Raz! Dva! NU!!
554Step it up. Look alive out there. Hire hag! Nu-ka bystro otsúda.
555The good thing about Vietnam is there was always some place to go. Vo V’etname xoroho to, cto vsegda est’ kuda idti.
556Fire in the hole! Vzryv!
557Gump, check out that hole. Gamp, prover’ étu peýeru.
558And there was always something to do. I vsegda bylo cto delat’.
559-Mount them up. -Spread out! Cover his back. Podnimajte ix! Prikrojte ix!
560One day, it started raining, and it didn’t quit for four months. Odnawdy, pohel dowd’ i ne prekraýalsq 4 mesqça.
561We’d been through every kind of rain there is: My prohli cerez vse vidy dowdq –
562little bitty stinging rain, morosqýij dowd’,
563and big old fat rain, liven’, s bol’himi kaplqmi
564rain that flew in sideways. dowd’ sboku,
565And sometimes, rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath. a inogda dawe kazalos’, cto dowd’ b’et prqmo iz pod zemli.
566Shoot, it even rained at night. Dawe po nocam hel dowd’.
567-Hey, Forrest. -Hey, Bubba. Privet, Forrest. Privet,Bubba.
568I’m gonna lean up against you. You just lean right back against me. Davaj q prislonús’ k tebe, a ty obopreh’sq na menq.
569This way, we don’t have to sleep with our heads in the mud. Takim obrazom nam ne pridetsq spat’ mordoj v grqzi.
570You know why we a good partnership, Forrest? Ty znaeh’ pocemu my s toboj xorohie druz’q, Forrest?
571‘Cause we be watching out for one another, Potomu cto my prismatrivaem drug za drugom,
572like brothers and stuff. kak brat’q ili cto-to vrode togo.
573Hey, Forrest, there’s something I’ve been thinking about. Éj, Forrest, q tut koe o cem podumal.
574I got a very important question to ask you. U menq est’ k tebe ocen’ vawnyj vopros.
575How would you like to go into the shrimping business with me? Kak ty smotrih’ na to, ctoby my s toboj vmeste zanqlis’ krevetocnym biznesom?
576Okay. O.K.
577Man, I tell you what, I got it all figured out, too. Muwik, q tebe vot cto skawu. Q uwe vse produmal.
578So many pounds of shrimp to pay off the boat, Skol’ko nam ponadobitsq deneg, ctoby zaplatit’ za lodku.
579so many pounds for gas, we can just live right on the boat. Skol’ko deneg nado za benzin. My budem wit’ prqmo na lodke.
580We ain’t got to pay no rent. I my ne budem platit’ za wil’e.
581I’ll be the captain, we can just work it together, My smowem prosto rabotat’ vmeste.
582split everything right down the middle. Man, I’m telling you, 50-50. vse budet delit’ rovno na popolam Muwik, q tebe predlagaú, 50 na 50.
583And, hey, Forrest, all the shrimp you can eat. Forrest, my stol’ko smowem sºest’ krevetok.
584That’s a fine idea. Prekrasnaq ideq.
585Bubba did have a fine idea. Babba predlowil dejstvitel’no xorohuú ideú.
586I even wrote Jenny and told her all about it. Q dawe napisal Dwenni i rasskazal ej obo vsem étom.
587I sent her letters, not every day, but almost. Q posylal ej pis’ma. Ne kawdyj den’, no casto.
588I told her what I was doing and asked her what she was doing, Q rasskazyval ej, cto q delal i sprahival ee, cto ona delala.
589and told her how I thought about her always, Rasskazyval ej, cto q vse vremq o nej dumaú.
590and how I was looking forward to getting a letter from her I kak q wdal ot nee otvet na pis’mo,
591just as soon as she had the time. kak tol’ko u nee najdetsq minutka napisat’ mne.
592I’d always let her know that I was okay. Q vsegda ej daval ponqt’, cto vse OK.
593Then, I’d sign each letter, “Love, Forrest Gump.” I v kawdom pis’me podpisyvalsq “S lúbov’ú, Forrest Gamp”.
594This one day, we was out walking, like always, Odnawdy, my hli kak vsegda,
595and then, just like that, i, vdrug, vnezapno
596somebody turned off the rain and the sun come out. kto-to vyklúcil dowd’. I vyhlo solnçe.
597Ambush! V ukrytie!
598Take cover! Prikroj!
599Get down! Get the sixty! Get that pig up here, God damn it! Davaj súda certovu raçiú.
600Forrest, you okay? Forrest. Ty v porqdke?
601Strongarm! Strongarm! Be advised, Strongarm! Sil’naq ruka,Sil’naq ruka!
602Medic, we got a man down! Éj. U nas celovek ranen.
603Strongarm, this is Leg Lima 6, over! Sil’naq ruka, éto Leg Lima 6!
604Roger, Strongarm, be advised we have incoming from the tree line Otvet’te, Sil’naq ruka! My podverglis’ napadeniú iz lesa
605at points blue plus two. AKs and rockets… Pulemety i granaty!
606Misfire! Misfire! Nam trudno! Osecka!
607God damn it! Mac! Tvoú mat’!
608Get that thing… Fuck it, get it in the tree line! Jesus! Ubejte étix netraxannyx svinej!
609My unit is down hard and hurting! Oni nastupaút, éto tqwelo.
610Six are pulling back to Blue Line, Leg Lima 6 out. Otxodim nazad k goluboj linii.
611Pull back! Pull back! Nazad! Nazad!
612Run! Run, Forrest! Forrest! Begi, Forrest!
613-Pull back! -Forrest, Forrest! Nazad!
614Run, man! Run! Begi! Begi! Begi!
615Pull back! Run! Otxodim, Forrest!
616Run, God damn it, run! Medic! Can I get a medic? Begi, cert! Begi.
617I ran and ran, just like Jenny told me to. Q bewal i bewal, kak mne govorila Dwenni.
618I ran so far and so fast that pretty soon I was all by myself, Q ubewal tak bystro i tak daleko, cto ocen’ skoro q okazalsq odin,
619which was a bad thing. I éto bylo ocen’ ploxo.
620Bubba! Babba.
621Bubba was my best good friend. I had to make sure that he was okay. Babba byl moim samym luchim drugom. Mne nuwno bylo udostoverit’sq, cto s nim vse normal’no.
622Any friendlies out there? Yeah, I’ve got three over here. Where the hell are you? Gde ty, cert tebq poderi?
623Bubba? Babba!
624And on my way back to find Bubba, Na svoem puti obratno v poiskax Babby,
625well, there was this boy laying on the ground. q uvidel étogo mal’cika, lewaýego na zemle.
626Tex! Teks.
627Okay. OK
628I couldn’t just let him lay there all alone, scared the way he was, Q ne mog pozvolit’ ostat’sq lewat’ emu odnomu, emu bylo ocen’ strahno,
629so I grabbed him up and run him out of there. Q podnql ego, i ubewal s nim ottuda.
630And every time I went back looking for Bubba, Kawdyj raz, kogda q vozvraýalsq iskat’ Babbu,
631somebody else was saying, “Help me, Forrest. Help me.” kto-to drugoj govoril mne, “Pomogi mne Forrest. Pomogi mne!”
632Can’t hear… Can’t hear… Xoroho..
633No sweat, man. Just lay back. You’ll be okay. You’ll be okay. Ne utruwdajsq. Lewi, vse budet xoroho.
634I started to get scared that I might never find Bubba. Q uwe stal pobaivat’sq, cto Babbu q tak i ne najdu.
635…over. Roger, Strongarm, I know my position is danger close. Q znaú nahe polowenie, Zdes’ opasno!
636We got Charlie all over this area. Zdes’ povsúdu v’etnamçy.
637I gotta have those fast movers in here now. Over. Q trebuú nemedlenno vyslat’ vertolet. Slyhite?
638-Six, Strongarm, we want… -Lieutenant Dan, Coleman’s dead! Lejtenant Dén, Koleman mertv.
639I know he’s dead! Q znaú,cto on mertv!
640My whole goddamn platoon is wiped out! -Leg Lima 6, Leg Lima 6. -God damn it! Ves’ moj vzvod unictowen. Cert! Bud’ vse proklqto!
641-Copy this transmission. Over. -What are you doing? Cto ty delaeh’?
642Just leave me here! Get away. Just leave me here! Get out! Ostav’ menq zdes’! Uxodi. I ostav’ menq!
643Leg Lima 6, Strongarm. How copy this? Over. Ubirajsq!
644God, I said leave me here, God damn it! Gospodi, q skazal ostav’ menq.
645Leg Lima 6, Leg Lima 6, this is Strongarm, be advised Leg Lima, éto Strong Arm.
646your fast movers are inbound at this time, over. Vam nuwno nemedlenno ujti iz zony obstrela.
647Then, it felt like something just jumped up and bit me. Vdrug q pocuvstvoval, cto cto-to podprygnulo i ukusilo menq.
648Something bit me! Menq cto-to ukusilo! Oj!
649You chink son of a bitch! Ax, ty sukin syn! A!
650I can’t leave the platoon. Q ne mogu ostavit’ vzvod.
651I told you to leave me there, Gump. Forget about me. Get yourself out! Q skazal, ostav’ menq zdes’, Gamp. Zabud’ pro menq, sam uxodi.
652Did you hear what I said? Ty slyhal , cto q tebe skazal?
653God damn it, put me down! Gamp, cert tebq voz’mi, polowi menq.
654Get your ass out of here! Unosi svoú zadniçu otsúda.
655I didn’t ask you to pull me out of there, God damn you! Q ne prohu tebq vytaskivat’ menq otsúda.
656Where the hell do you think you’re going? Kuda ty sobralsq?
657To get Bubba. Vytaýit’ Babbu.
658I got an air strike inbound right now. They’re gonna nape the whole area. Da sejcas tut vozduhnyj nalet nacnetsq. Oni sowgut tut vse k certovoj babuhke.
659Gump, you stay here, God damn it! That’s an order! Ostan’sq zdes’! Éto prikaz!
660I gotta find Bubba! Mne nado najti Babbu!
661Forrest. Forrest.
662-Bubba. -I’m okay, Forrest. Babba. So mnoj vse xoroho, Forrest.
663I’m okay. Vse v porqdke.
664Oh, Bubba, no… Babba, net.
665Nah, I’m gonna be all right. So mnoj vse budet xoroho.
666Come on. Come on. Come on. Pojdem. Davaj, davaj.
667I’m okay, Forrest. Q v porqdke, Forrest.
668I’m okay, man. I’m fine. Helo’s inbound. Top smoke, get it out there! Vse xoroho. So mnoj vse xoroho.
669If I’d a known this was gonna be the last time me and Bubba was gonna talk, Esli by q tol’ko mog znat’, cto éto byl poslednij raz, kogda my s Babboj razgovarivali,
670I’d of thought of something better to say. q by pridumal skazat’ cto-nibud’ poluche.
671Hey, Bubba. Éj, Babba!
672Hey, Forrest. Da, Forrest.
673Forrest, why’d this happen? Forrest- Pocemu tak vse proizohlo?
674You got shot. Tebq podstrelili.
675Then Bubba said something I won’t ever forget. Togda Babba takoe skazal, cto q nikogda ne zabudu.
676I wanna go home. Q xocu domoj.
677Bubba was my best good friend. Babba byl moim samym luchim drugom.
678And even I know that ain’t something you can find just around the corner. I dawe q znaú, cto takix druzej prosto tak za uglom ne najdeh’.
679Bubba was gonna be a shrimping boat captain, Babba sobiralsq stat’ kapitanom krevetocnogo korablq,
680but instead he died right there by that river in Vietnam. no vmesto étogo, on umer prqmo zdes’, u reki vo V’etname.
681That’s all I have to say about that. Vot i vse, cto q mogu rasskazat’ ob étom.
682It was a bullet, wasn’t it? Éto byla pulq. Ne tak li?
683-A bullet? -That jumped up and bit you. Pulq? Ona podskocila i ukusila tebq.
684Oh, yes, sir. Da, sér.
685Bit me directly in the buttocks. Ukusila prqmo v bulku.
686They said it was a million-dollar wound, but the Army must keep that money, Mne skazali, cto moe ranenie tqnet na million dollarov, no poxowe, cto armiq ostavila éti den’gi sebe.
687’cause I still ain’t seen a nickel of that million dollars. potomu cto q do six por ne uvidel ni monety s étogo milliona.
688The only good thing about being wounded in the buttocks Edinstvennaq xorohaq veý’ ottogo, cto menq ranilo v zadniçu,
689is the ice cream. bylo morowenoe.
690They gave me all the ice cream I could eat. Mne davali stol’ko morowenogo, skol’ko q mog sºest’.
691And guess what? I znaete cto?
692A good friend of mine was in the bed right next door. Na sosednej kojke lewal moj xorohij drug.
693Lieutenant Dan, I got you some ice cream. Lejtenant Dén, q prines Vam morowenoe.
694Lieutenant Dan, ice cream. Lejtenant Dén, morowenoe!
695It’s time for your bath, Lieutenant. Vremq prinimat’ vannu, lejtenant.
696Harper! Xarper!
697Cooper, Larson, Kuper Larson
698Webster, Vebster
699-Gump. Gump. -I’m Forrest Gump. Gamp. Gamp! Q Forrest Gamp.
700Kyle, Nichols, Kajl. Nikols.
701McMill, Johnson, Tyler, MakMill. Dwonson.
702Holiday… Surprise, surprise, surprise! Súrpriz, súrpriz!
703Gump, how can you watch that stupid shit? Gamp, kak ty moweh’ smotret’ éto tupoe der’mo?
704-From the DMZ to the Delta… -Turn it off! Vyklúci..
705…you are tuned to the American Forces Vietnam Network. Vy na kanale Amerikanskix sil V’etnam.
706This is Channel 6, Saigon. 6 kanal, Sajgon.
707Good catch, Gump. Xoroho pojmal, Gamp.
708You know how to play this? Ty znaeh’ kak v éto igrat’?
709Come on, let me show you. Here. Da ladno. Davaj q tebe pokawu.
710Now, the secret to this game is, Sekret étoj igry zaklúcen v tom,
711no matter what happens, never ever take your eye off the ball. cto ctoby ne proisxodilo, nikogda, nikogda… ne svodi glaz s harika.
712All right. Xoroho.
713For some reason, Ping-Pong came very natural to me. Po kakim to pricinam, ping-pong pokazalsq mne ocen’ prostym.
714See? Any idiot can play. Vot vidih’? Lúboj durak mowet v nego igrat’.
715So, I started playing it all the time. I q stal igrat’ vse vremq.
716I played Ping-Pong Q igral v ping-pong
717even when I didn’t have anyone to play Ping-Pong with. dawe kogda mne ne s kem bylo v nego igrat’.
718The hospital’s people said it made me look like a duck in water, Lúdi v gospitale govorili, cto q, poxowe, cuvstvoval sebq kak utka na vode.
719whatever that means. Q ne ponimal, cto éto znacit.
720Even Lieutenant Dan would come and watch me play. Dawe lejtenant Dén prixodil posmotret’ kak q igraú.
721I played Ping-Pong so much, I even played it in my sleep. Q igral v ping-pong tak mnogo, cto igral v nego dawe kogda q spal.
722Now, you listen to me. We all have a destiny. Tak… Sluhaj menq. U nas u vsex est’ sud’ba.
723Nothing just happens, it’s all part of a plan. Nicego prosto tak ne proisxodit. Vse – cast’ plana.
724I should have died out there with my men, Q dolwen byl umeret’ tam vmeste so vsemi moimi lúd’mi,
725but now I’m nothing but a goddamn cripple, a sejcas q nicto, prosto dolbannyj kaleka
726a legless freak! Look! Look! Look at me! beznogij urod! Posmotri. Posmotri na menq.
727Do you see that? Vidih’?
728Do you know what it’s like not to be able to use your legs? Ty xot’ znaeh’, cto éto takoe… kogda ne moweh’ vospol’zovat’sq svoimi nogami?
729Yes, sir, I do. D-d-da, sér, znaú.
730Did you hear what I said? Ty slyhal, cto q tebe skazal?
731You cheated me. Ty obmanul menq!
732I had a destiny. U byla menq svoq sud’ba.
733I was supposed to die in the field, with honor! Mne bylo prednacertano umeret’ na pole boq, s cest’ú!
734That was my destiny, and you cheated me out of it! Éto byla moq sud’ba, a ty… ty ukral u menq éto!
735Do you understand what I’m saying, Gump? Ty ponimaeh’, cto q govorú?
736This wasn’t supposed to happen, not to me. Étogo ne dolwno bylo proizojti. Tol’ko ne so mnoj.
737I had a destiny. U menq byla sud’ba.
738I was Lieutenant Dan Taylor. Q byl… Lejtenant… Dén Tejlor.
739You’re still Lieutenant Dan. Vy do six por… Lejtenant Dén.
740Look at me. Posmotri na menq.
741What am I gonna do now? Cto mne teper’ delat’?
742What am I gonna do now? Cto mne teper’ delat’?
743PFC Gump? Rqdovoj Gamp?
744Yes, sir! Da, sér!
745As you were. Vol’no.
746Son, you’ve been awarded the Medal of Honor. Synok, tebq nagradili medal’ú cesti.
747Guess what, Lieutenant Dan, they want to give me a… Lejtenant Dén? Mne xotqt vrucit’ medal’..
748Ma’am, what’d they do with Lieutenant Dan? Mém. A cto sdelali s lejtenantom Dénom?
749They sent him home. Otpravili ego domoj.
750Two weeks later, I left Vietnam. Dvumq nedelqmi pozwe, q pokinul V’etnam.
751The ceremony was kicked off with a candid speech by the President Çeremoniq nacalas’ s togo, cto prezident vystupil s rec’ú
752regarding the need for further escalation of the war in Vietnam. o rashirenii vojny vo V’etname.
753President Johnson awarded four Medals of Honor to men from each of the Armed Services. Dwonson vrucil 4 Medali za otvagu lúdqm iz raznyx otraslej armii.
754America owes you a debt of gratitude, son. Amerika v dolgu pered toboj, synok.
755I understand you were wounded. Where were you hit? Q tak ponimaú ty byl ranen. Kuda tebe popalo?
756-In the buttocks, sir. -That must be a sight. V qgodiçu, sér. Mda…Éto navernoe to eýe zreliýe.
757I’d kind of like to see that. Q by s udovol’stviem na éto posmotrel.
758God damn, son. Cert! Nu, synok…
759After that, Mama went to the hotel to lay down, Posle étogo, mama poexala v gostiniçu otdoxnut’,
760so I went out for a walk to see our nation’s capital. a q otpravilsq pogulqt’ i posmotret’ na stoliçu strany.
761Hilary, all right, I’ve got the vets, what do you want me to do with them? What are you doing here so late? Xilari! Q byl na osmotre. Cto ty sobiraeh’sq s nimi delat’?
762It’s a good thing Mama was resting, ’cause the streets was awful crowded Xoroho, cto mama pohla otdoxnut’, potomu cto na uliçe byla bol’haq tolpa narodu
763with people looking at all the statues and monuments, osmatrivaúýaq monumenty i statui.
764and some of them people were loud and pushy. Nekotorye iz nix humeli, tolkalis’.
765Okay, follow me! Come on. Let’s move it out. Pojdemte za mnoj!
766Everywhere I went, I had to stand in line. Gde by q ni byl, mne vezde prixodilos’ stoqt’ v oceredi.
767Follow me, let’s go! Come on. Let’s go. Stand here. Davajte. Pohli!
768Hey, you’re a good man for doing this. Good! Éj, ty xorohij celovek, esli éto delaeh’. Ty xorohij.
769Okay. Ladno.
770There was this man giving a little talk. Tam govoril odin celovek,
771And for some reason, he was wearing an American flag for a shirt. Now, I’m gonna bring up some soldiers… Pocemu-to on byl odet v amerikanskij flag vmesto rubahki.
772And he liked to say the “F” word. I emu nravilos’ materit’sq… ocen’.
773A lot. “F” this and “F” that. Matom kroet to, matom kroet se.
774And every time he said the “F” word, I kawdyj raz, kogda on cto-nibud’ materil
775people, for some reason, well, they’d cheer. lúdi pocemu-to odobritel’no aplodirovali.
776…where to stick this fucking war! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Da! Da!
777Come on, man, come up here, man. Pojdem. Podnimajsq, muwik.
778Come on. Come on. Yeah, you! Come on. Move, move, move. Davajte, davajte súda.
779You can do it. Just get up there. Go on. That’s it. Da! Davajte. Pohevelivajtes’! Podnimajsq. Vstavaj súda.
780Tell us a little bit about the war, man. Rasskawi nam nemnogo o vojne.
781The war in Vietnam? O vojne vo V’etname?
782-The war in Viet-fucking-nam! -Yeah! Peace! Come on, man, go! -Come on! -Peace! Vojna vo V’et- mat’ ego, -name!
783Well… Nu…
784There was only one thing I could say about the war in Vietnam. Q tol’ko odno mogu skazat’
785…there’s only one thing I can say about the war in Vietnam. o vojne vo V’etname. Tol’ko odnu veý’… o vojne… vo V’etname.
786In Vietnam, your… Vo V’etname…
787Hey, what the hell are you… Cert, cto ty delaeh’?
788I’ll beat your head in, you goddamn oinker! Q tebe bahku otorvu, pridurok xrenov.
789Jesus Christ, what’d they do with this? Gospodi ty Bowe moj! Cto on sdelal?
790We can’t hear you! Ne slyhu!
791We can’t hear anything! Nicego ne slyhu!
792-This one! This one! Give me that! -Turn it up! Étot! Daj mne!
793Speak up! Govori!
794That’s it! Éto vse.
795…and that’s all I have to say about that. Éto vse, cto q mogu skazat’ ob étom.
796That’s so right on, man. You said it all. Ty molodeç, muwik. Ty vse skazal.
797What’s your name, man? Kak tebq zovut?
798My name is Forrest. Forrest Gump. Menq zovut Forrest. Forrest Gamp.
799Forrest Gump! Forrest Gamp!
800-Gump! -Gump! – Gamp! Gamp! – Gamp!
801Forrest! Forrest! Forrest! Forrest!
802-Jenny! -Forrest! Dwenni! Forrest!
803Hey! Hey! Privet!
804It was the happiest moment of my life. Éto byl samyj scastlivyj moment v moej wizni.
805Jenny and me were just like peas and carrots again. Dwenni i q byli snova kak morkovka s gorohkom
806She showed me around, Ona pokazala mne gorod,
807and even introduced me to some of her new friends. i dawe predstavila menq nekotorym svoim novym druz’qm.
808Shut that blind, man. And get your white ass away from that window. I uberi svoú beluú zadniçu iz étogo okna.
809Don’t you know we in a war here? Ty cto ne znaeh’, cto u nas vojna idet? Ne znaeh’, cto u nas vojna?
810Hey, man, he’s cool. He’s cool. He’s one of us. -Let me tell you about us. -Where the hell have you been? On normal’nyj. On odin iz nas. Pozvol’ mne rasskazat’ o nas.
811Our purpose here is to protect our black leaders from the racial onslaught of the pig Naha çel’ – zaýitit’ nahix cernyx liderov ot mqsnikov-rasistov,
812who wishes to brutalize our black leaders, kotorye westoko obxodqtsq s nahimi liderami,
813rape our women, and destroy our black communities. nasiluút nahix wenýin i unictowaút nahu obýinu.
814Who’s the baby killer? Cto éto za ubijça detej?
815This is my good friend I told you about. This is Forrest Gump. Forrest, this is Wesley. Éto moj xorohij drug. Q govorila tebe o nem. Éto Forrest Gamp. Forrest, éto Uisli.
816Wesley and I lived together in Berkeley, Uisli i q byli vmeste v Berkli,
817and he’s the president of the Berkeley chapter of SDS. on prezident Berklijskogo obýestva protiv vojny.
818Let me tell you something else. We are here to offer protection and help for all of those who need our help, My zdes’ dlq togo, ctoby predlowit’ pomoý’ i zaýitu dlq togo, komu éto nuwno.
819because we, the Black Panthers, are against the war in Vietnam. potomu cto my, Cernye Pantery, protiv vojny vo V’etname.
820Yes, we are against any war where black soldiers are sent to the frontline My protiv lúboj vojny, kogda cernyx soldat otpravlqút na liniú fronta
821to die for a country that hates them. umeret’ za stranu, kotoraq nenavidit ix.
822Yes, we are against any war where black soldiers go to fight My protiv lúboj vojny, gde cernye idut srawat’sq
823and come to be brutalized and killed in their own communities as they sleep in their beds at night. You are a fucking asshole! ctoby byt’ uniwennymi i ubitymi v ix we sobstvennom soobýestve.
824Yes, we are against all these racist and imperial dog acts. My protiv rasistskix i imperialisticeskix zakonov.
825Forrest! Quit it! Quit it! Forrest! Perestan’! Prekrati!
826Forrest! Forrest!
827Stop it! Stop it! Oh, God… Perestan’. Xvatit.
828I shouldn’t have brought you here. Ne nado bylo tebq súda privodit’.
829I should have known it was just gonna be some bullshit hassle. Nado bylo ponqt’, cto v itoge polucitsq kakoe-nibud’ der’mo.
830He should not be hitting you, Jenny. On ne dolwen bit’ tebq, Dwenni.
831Come on, Forrest. Pojdem, Forrest.
832Sorry I had a fight in the middle of your Black Panther party. Q ne ponimaú s kem togda dolwny borot’sq Cernye Pantery.
833He doesn’t mean it when he does things like this. He doesn’t. On ne ponimaet, dawe kogda delaet cto-to vrode étogo.
834I would never hurt you, Jenny. Q by tebq nikogda ne udaril, Dwenni.
835I know you wouldn’t, Forrest. Q znaú, cto ty by ne sdelal, Forrest.
836I wanted to be your boyfriend. Q xocu byt’ tvoim parnem.
837That uniform is a trip, Forrest. Prikol’naq uniforma, Forrest.
838You look handsome in it. You do. Ty v nej prekrasno vyglqdih’. Cestno.
839-You know what? -What? Znaeh’ cto? Cto?
840I’m glad we were here together in our nation’s capital. Q rad cto my s toboj vmeste zdes’, v stoliçe.
841Me, too, Forrest. Q towe, Forrest.
842We walked around all night, Jenny and me, just talking. My gulqli vsú noc’, Dwenni i q, prosto razgovarivali.
843She told me about all the traveling she’d done. Ona mne rasskazala o vsex putehestviqx, cto ona soverhila
844And how she’d discovered ways to expand her mind o tom kak ona otkryla dlq sebq novye puti raskryt’ svoj razum…
845and learn how to live in harmony, i kak ona ucilas’ wit’ v garmonii…
846which must be out west somewhere, kotoraq, skoree vsego, gde-to na zapade otsúda,
847’cause she made it all the way to California. Try to love one another right now potomu cto ona dohla do Kalifornii.
848Hey! Éj.
849Anybody want to go to San Francisco? Komu-nibud’ nado v San-Françisko?
850-I’ll go. -Far out. Mne nado. Nu, davaj!
851It was a very special night for the two of us. Éto byla osobennaq noc’ dlq nas oboix.
852I didn’t want it to end. Q ne xotel, ctoby ona koncalas’.
853I wish you wouldn’t go, Jenny. Q xocu, ctoby ty ne uezwala, Dwenni.
854I have to, Forrest. Mne nado, Forrest.
855Jenny? Dwenni?
856Things got a little out of hand. Q nemnogo ne derwal sebq v rukax,
857It’s just this war and that lying son of a bitch, Johnson! Éta vojna i… i éto vran’e étogo sukinogo syna Dwonsona…
858I would never hurt you, you know that. Q by nikogda tebe ne sdelal bol’no. Ty znaeh’ éto.
859You know what I think? Znaeh’ cto q dumaú?
860I think you should go home to Greenbow, Alabama! Q dumaú… tebe nuwno vernut’sq domoj v Grinbou. Alabama!
861Forrest, we have very different lives, you know. Forrest, ty znaeh’, u nas s toboj takie raznye wiznennye puti.
862I want you to have this. Q xocu… ctoby ty vzqla éto.
863Forrest, I can’t keep this. Forrest , q ne mogu..
864I got it just by doing what you told me to do. Q polucil éto… tol’ko potomu, cto q sdelal vse tak, kak ty mne skazala.
865Why are you so good to me? Pocemu ty ko mne tak xoroho otnosih’sq?
866You’re my girl. Ty moq devuhka.
867I’ll always be your girl. Q vsegda budu tvoej devuhkoj.
868And just like that, she was gone, out of my life again. I vot takim obrazom, ona snova uhla iz moej wizni.
869That’s one small step for man, Éto malen’kij hag dlq celoveka,
870one giant leap for mankind. gigantskij prywok dlq celovecestva.
871I thought I was going back to Vietnam, Q dumal, vernut’sq vo V’etnam,
872but instead, they decided the best way for me to fight the Communists no, vmesto étogo, oni rehili cto luche mne dlq bor’by s kommunistami budet
873was to play Ping-Pong. igrat’ v ping-pong.
874So, I was in the Special Services, Q byl na osoboj sluwbe:
875traveling around the country cheering up all them wounded veterans putehestvovat’ po strane, podbadrivat’ ranenyx veteranov i pokazyvat’ im
876and showing them how to play Ping-Pong. kak igrat’ v ping-pong.
877I was so good that some years later U menq éto tak xoroho polucalos’, cto cerez neskol’ko let
878the Army decided that I should be on the All-American Ping-Pong team. armiq rehila, cto menq nado prinqt’ v amerikanskuú sbornuú po ping-pongu.
879We were the first Americans to visit the land of China My byli pervymi amerikançami, kotorye posetili Kitaj
880in like a million years, or something like that. za, navernoe, million let ili cto-to okolo togo.
881Somebody said world peace was in our hands, Kto-to skazal, cto mir na planete v nahix rukax,
882but all I did was play Ping-Pong. No q prosto igral v ping-pong.
883When I got home, I was a national celebrity. Kogda q vernulsq domoj, q stal naçional’noj znamenitost’ú,
884Famouser even than Captain Kangaroo. znamenitee dawe cem kapitan Kengeru.
885Here he is, Forrest Gump, right here. Vot Forrest Gamp! Prqmo zdes’.
886Mr. Gump, have a seat. Sadis’, Gamp.
887Forrest Gump, John Lennon. Forrest Gamp, Dwon Lennon.
888-Welcome home. -You had quite a trip. Dobro powalovat’ domoj.
889Can you tell us, what was China like? Ty moweh’ nam rasskazat’ o tom, cto takoe Kitaj?
890In the land of China, people hardly got nothing at all. V étoj strane… u lúdej pocti nicego net.
891No possessions? Net imuýestva?
892And in China, they never go to church. I v Kitae lúdi nikogda ne xodqt v çerkov’.
893No religion, too? Religii cto towe net?
894-Hard to imagine. -Well, it’s easy if you try, Dick. Oj. Tqwelo sebe takoe predstavit’. Nu, na samom dele legko, esli popytat’sq, Dik.
895Some years later, that nice young man from England Cerez neskol’ko let, étot priqtnyj molodoj celovek,
896was on his way home to see his little boy po puti domoj k svoemu malen’komu synu,
897and was signing some autographs, podpisyval avtografy.
898and for no particular reason at all, somebody shot him. Bez kakix libo vidimyx pricin, kto-to zastrelil.
899They gave you the Congressional Medal of Honor. Tebq nagradili Medal’ú Cesti.
900Now, that’s Lieutenant Dan. Lejtenant Dén.
901Lieutenant Dan! Lejtenant Dén!
902They gave you the Congressional Medal of Honor! Tebq nagradili Medal’ú Cesti.
903Yes, sir, they surely did. Da, sér. Tocno, nagradili.
904They gave you, Tebq nagradili,
905an imbecile, a moron who goes on television pridurka, kretinu takomu, kotoryj vystupaet po televizoru
906and makes a fool out of himself in front of the whole damn country, vedet sebq kak polnyj durak, pered vsej stranoj
907the Congressional Medal of Honor. Medal’ Cesti.
908Yes, sir. Da, sér.
909Well, then, that’s just perfect! Togda éto prosto prekrasno.
910Yeah, well, I just got one thing to say to that. Q mogu skazat’ tol’ko odnu veý’ –
911God damn bless America. bud’ Amerika proklqta.
912Hey! Éj, éj!
913Oh, God! OJ! Gospodi!
914-Oh, God! -Lieutenant Dan! O bowe moj! Lejtenant Dén!
915Lieutenant Dan said he was living in a hotel. Lejtenant Dén skazal, cto on wil v otele
916And because he didn’t have no legs, i tak kak u nego ne bylo nog,
917he spent most of his time exercising his arms. bol’huú cast’ vremeni on provodil razvivaq ruki.
918Take a right. Take a right. Delat’ pravil’no..
919Hey! Come on, already! Éj!
920What do you do here in New York, Lieutenant Dan? Cto vy delaete v N’ú-Jorke, lejtenant Dén?
921I’m living off the government tit. Sucking it dry! Wivu, posasyvaq sis’ku pravitel’stva.
922Hey! Hey! Hey! Are you blind? Éj, éj, éj ty cto slepoj?
923-I’m walking here! -Get out of the way! Q tut gulqú! Ubirajsq!
924Get out! Come on, go! Go! Go! Pohli. Davaj, davaj, davaj.
925I stayed with Lieutenant Dan and celebrated the holidays. Q ostalsq s lejtenantom Dénom provesti s nim prazdniki.
926You have a great year. Hurry home and God bless you. U tebq byl zamecatel’nyj god, poétomu potoraplivajsq domoj. Gospod’ xranit tebq.
927Have you found Jesus yet, Gump? Ty nahel Iisusa?
928I didn’t know I was supposed to be looking for him, sir. A q i ne predpolagal, cto ego nuwno iskat’, sér.
929That’s all these cripples, down at the VA, that’s all they ever talk about. Éto postoqnno govorqt éti urody. Éto vse o cem oni mogut govorit’.
930Jesus this and Jesus that. Iisus to, Iisus só.
931Have I found Jesus? Nahel li q Iisusa?
932They even had a priest come and talk to me. Oni dawe mne svqýennika kak-to priveli pogovorit’ so mnoj.
933He said God is listening, but I have to help myself. On mne skazal, cto Bog sluhaet, No q dolwen pomogat’ sebe sam.
934How if I accept Jesus into my heart, Esli q najdu Iisusa v serdçe moem,
935I’ll get to walk beside him in the kingdom of heaven. q budu idti s nim rqdom v çarstvie nebesnoe.
936Did you hear what I said? Ty slyhal, cto q skazal?
937Walk beside him in the kingdom of heaven. Idti… rqdom s nim v çarstvie nebesnoe.
938Well, kiss my crippled ass. Poçeluj moú urodlivuú zadniçu.
939God is listening? What a crock of shit. Bog sluhaet? Cto za der’mo.
940I’m going to heaven, Lieutenant Dan. Q otpravlús’ na nebesa, lejtenant Dén.
941Oh? Da?
942Well, Nu…
943before you go, why don’t you get your ass down to the corner togda prewde cem ty tuda otpravih’sq, pocemu by tebe… ne sgonqt’ svoú zadniçu za ugol
944-and get us another bottle of Ripple. -Yes, sir. i ne kupit’ eýe butylocku? Da, sér.
945We are at approximately 45th Street in New York City at One Astor Plaza. My naxodimsq priblizitel’no na 45 uliçe N’ú-Jorka, Uan Astor Plaza.
946This is the site of the old Astor Hotel. Éto na starom-
947What the hell is in Bayou La Batre? Cto tam za der’mo v Boe La Batre?
948-Shrimping boats. -Shrimping boats? Lodki dlq lovli krevetok.
949Who gives a shit about shrimping boats? Lodki dlq lovli krevetok? Kto tebe takogo der’ma ponarasskazyval?
950I gotta buy me one of them shrimping boats, Q sobiraús’ kupit’ sebe lodku,
951soon as I have some money. kak tol’ko u menq poqvitsq dostatocno deneg.
952I made me a promise to Bubba in Vietnam Q obeýal Babbe vo V’etname,
953that as soon as the war was over, we’d go in partners. cto kak tol’ko vojna zakoncitsq, my s nim budem partnerami.
954He’d be the captain of the shrimping boat and I’d be his first mate. On budet kapitanom, a q pomoýnikom.
955But now that he’s dead, that means I gotta be the captain. No teper’ kogda on umer, kapitanom budu q.
956-A shrimp boat captain. -Yes, sir. Kapitan krevetocnoj lodki.
957A promise is a promise, Lieutenant Dan. Da, sér. Obeýanie est’ obeýanie, lejtenant Dén.
958Now hear this! Sluhajte vse!
959Private Gump here is gonna be a shrimp boat captain. Rqdovoj Gamp sobiraetsq stat’ kapitanom lodki dlq lovli krevetok.
960Well, I tell you what, Gilligan, Vot cto q tebe skawu, rybak.
961the day that you are a shrimp boat captain, V to den’, kogda ty staneh’ kapitanom,
962-I will come and be your first mate. -Okay. Q budu tvoim pomoýnikom. Xa xa xa!
963If you’re ever a shrimp boat captain, that’s the day I’m an astronaut. Esli ty kogda-nibud’ staneh’ kapitanom, q v étot den’ stanu astronavtom.
964Danny, what are you complaining about? Dénni, cem ty nedovolen?
965-What are you doing, hon? -Mr. Hot Wheels. Cto delaeh’, Dénni? Mister Xot Vills!
966-Who’s your friend? -My name is Forrest, Forrest Gump. Kto tvoj drug? Menq zovut Forrest. Forrest Gamp.
967This is Cunning Carla and Long-Limbs Lenore. Éto xitraq Karla, i dlinnonogaq Leonora.
968So, where you been, baby cakes, huh? Haven’t seen you around lately. Gde ty byl, ditq moe? Cto-to ne vidno tebq v poslednee vremq.
969You know, you should have been here for Christmas, Tebe nado bylo zdes’ byt’ na Rowdestvo,
970’cause Tommy bought a round on the house potomu cto Tommi
971and gave everybody a turkey sandwich. razdaval vsem séndvici s indejkoj.
972Well, well, I had company. Nu. Q byl ne odin.
973Hey, hey! We was just there. That’s at Times Square. Éj. My tol’ko cto tam byli! Éto Tajms Skuéar.
974Don’t you just love New Year’s? You get to start all over. Tebe prosto ne nravit’sq Novyj God? Ty moweh’ vse nacat’ snacala.
975-Hey, Lenore… -Everybody gets a second chance. U kawdogo est’ vtoroj hans.
976It’s funny, but in the middle of all that fun, Éto prosto smehno… no skvoz’ smex,
977I began to think about Jenny, q nacal dumat’ o Dwenni,
978wondering how she was spending her New Year’s night out in California. interesuús’ o tom, kak ona provodit svoj Novyj God v Kalifornii.
979…eight, seven, six, five, 9…8… 7…6…
980four, three, two, one! 5…4… 3…2… 1!
981Happy New Year! S novym Godom!
982Happy New Year, Lieutenant Dan! S novym Godom, lejtenant Dén.
983What are you, stupid or something? What’s your problem? Ty cto, durak ili kak?
984What’s his problem? V cem tvoq problema?
985Did you lose your pecker in the war or something? V cem ego problema? Ty kogda-nibud’ terqla svoú gruppu na vojne?
986What, is your friend stupid or something? Tvoj drug durak cto li?
987What did you say? Cto ty skazala?
988I said, is your friend stupid or something? Q skazala, on cto ,durak cto li?
989Hey! Don’t call him stupid! Ne nazyvaj ego durakom!
990-Hey, don’t you push her! -You shut up! Ne tolkaj ee! Zatknis’!
991-Don’t you ever call him stupid! -What’s the matter, baby? Nikogda ne smej nazyvat’ ego durakom! Ladno, malyh, pocemu ty tak besih’sq?
992-Why are you so upset? -Just get the hell out of here. -Stupid damn… -Get your goddamn clothes… Zabirajte svoú certovu odewdu i idite naxren otsúda!
993You belong in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! -Get the hell out of here! -You should be in a sideshow! Vahe mesto na paneli. Ty takoj émoçional’nyj!
994Go on! Get out of here! Come on, Lenore. We don’t need this shit! Get out of here! Pohli otsúda!
995-You retard. -Loser. You freak. Zdorovqk! Neudacnik-urodeç.
996No, no. Net, net!
997I’m sorry I ruined your New Year’s Eve party, Lieutenant Dan. Prostite, cto vahu Novogodnúú vecerinku, lejtenant Dén.
998She tasted like cigarettes. Ona na vkus byla kak sigareta.
999I guess Lieutenant Dan figured there’s some things you just can’t change. Dumaú, lejtenant Dén ponql, cto nekotorye veýi nel’zq izmenit’.
1000He didn’t want to be called crippled, just like I didn’t want to be called stupid. On ne xotel, ctoby ego nazyvali kalekoj, takwe kak i q ne xotel, ctoby menq nazyvali durakom.
1001Happy New Year, Gump. S novym Godom, Gamp.
1002The US Ping-Pong team Komanda SHA po ping-pongu
1003met with President Nixon today at an Oval Office ceremony… vstretilas’ segodnq s prezidentom Niksonom…
1004And wouldn’t you know it? A few months later, Tebe interesno? Cerez neskol’ko mesqçev,
1005they invited me and the Ping-Pong team to visit the White House. menq i komandu po ping-pongu priglasili v Belyj Dom.
1006So, I went, again. I q pohel… snova.
1007And I met the President of the United States, again. I q snova vstretilsq s prezidentom Ameriki.
1008Only, this time, they didn’t get us rooms in a real fancy hotel. Tol’ko v étot raz nas ne poveli v komnatu v hikarnom otele.
1009So, are you enjoying yourself in our nation’s capital, young man? Tebe nravitsq provodit’ vremq v stoliçe nahej strany, molodoj celovek?
1010-Yes, sir. -Well, where are you staying? Gde vy ostanovilis’?
1011-It’s called the Hotel Ebbott. -Oh, no, no, no, no. I know of a much nicer hotel. It’s brand-new, very modern. Otel’ Ébbot. Net, net, net. Q znaú mnogo otelej, kotorye namnogo luche. Soverhenno novye. Ocen’ sovremennye.
1012I’ll have my people take care of it for you. Q skawu svoim lúdqm, ctoby vas perevezli.
1013Security, Frank Wills. Oxrana.
1014Yeah, sir, you might want to send a maintenance man Da, sér. Ne mogli by Vy prislat’ kogo-nibud’ iz gruppy texniceskogo servisa
1015over to that office across the way. v ofis cerez dorogu.
1016The lights are off, and they must be looking for a fuse box or something, Tam sveta net. Pust’ oni posmotrqt probki,
1017’cause them flashlights, they’re keeping me awake. potomu cto oni postoqnno xodqt s fonarikami, i q zasnut’ ne mogu.
1018Okay, sir. I’ll check it out. Da, sér. Q proverú.
1019-Thank you. -No problem. -Good night. -Good night. Spasibo. Spokojnoj noci.
1020Therefore, I shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. Poétomu… Rehenie o moem uxode s prezidentskogo posta vstupit v silu zavtra v polden’.
1021Vice President Ford Viçe-prezident Ford
1022will be sworn in as president at that hour in this office. budet obºqvlen prezidentom v étot we cas v étom ofise.
1023As I recall the high hopes for America with which we began this second term… Sergeant Gump. Forrest Gamp.
1024-Yes, sir! -As you were. Da, sér! Vol’no.
1025I have your discharge papers. Your service is up, son. Éto bumaga o tvoej demobilizaçii. Sluwba okoncena, synok.
1026Does this mean I can’t play Ping-Pong no more? Éto oznacaet, cto q ne smogu bol’he igrat’ v ping-pong?
1027For the Army it does. Dlq armii net.
1028And just like that, my service in the United States Army was over. Takim obrazom, moq sluwba v armii SHA okoncilas’.
1029So, I went home. Q otpravilsq domoj.
1030-I’m home, Mama. -I know, I know. Q doma, mama. Q znaú, znaú.
1031-Louise, he’s here. -Now, when I got home, I had no idea, but Mama had had all sorts of visitors. Luiza, on priexal. Teper’, kogda q okazalsq doma, u menq ne bylo nikakix idej. No mama znala stol’ko raznyx lúdej.
1032We’ve had all sorts of visitors, Forrest. Everybody wants you to use their Ping-Pong stuff. My znali mnogo raznyx lúdej. Vse xotqt s toboj vstretit’sq, vse na temu ping-ponga.
1033One man even left a check for $25,000 Odin iz nix dawe ostavil cek na $25000,
1034if you’d be agreeable to saying you liked using their paddle. esli ty budeh’ govorit’, cto ty igral ix raketkoj.
1035Oh, but, Mama, I only like using my own paddle. No q igral tol’ko svoej raketkoj.
1036-Hi, Miss Louise. -Hey, Forrest. Zdravstvujte, miss Luiza. Privet, Forrest.
1037I know that. I know that. But it’s $25,000, Forrest. Q znaú, no $25000, Forrest.
1038I thought maybe you could hold it for a while, see if it grows on you. Q dumaú, mowet byt’ stoit éto sdelat’, mowet cto i polucit’sq.
1039-Oh, you look good, Forrest. -That Mama, she sure was right. Mama, estestvenno, byla prava.
1040-You look real good. -It’s funny how things work out. Smehno, kak vse polucilos’,
1041I didn’t stay home for long, because I’d made a promise to Bubba, Q doma dolgo ne zaderwalsq potomu cto q dolwen byl vypolnit’ dlq Babbu svoe obeýanie.
1042and I always try to keep my promise. So, I went on down to Bayou La Batre A q vsegda pytaús’ vypolnit’ svoi obeýaniq. Itak q otpravilsq v Bae La Batre
1043to meet Bubba’s family and make their introduction. vstretit’sq s sem’ej Babby.
1044Are you crazy, or just plain stupid? Ty sumashedhij ili prosto durak?
1045Stupid is as stupid does, Mrs. Blue. I guess. Durak tot, kto sebq vedet kak durak, Missis Blú. Navernoe.
1046And, of course, I paid my respect to Bubba himself. I, konecno, q otdal pocesti i samomu Babbe.
1047Hey, Bubba, it’s me, Forrest Gump. Privet Babba. Éto q, Forrest.
1048I remember everything you said, and I got it all figured out. Q pomnú vse, cto ty mne govoril i q vse podscital.
1049I’m taking the $24,562 and 47 cents that I got… U menq est’ $24,562.47
1050Or, that’s left after a new hair cut and a new suit, Stol’ko ostalos’ posle togo, kak q kupil sebe novyj kostúm, podstrigsq,
1051and I took Mama out to a real fancy dinner, svodil mamu v hikarnyj restoran,
1052and I bought a bus ticket and three Dr. Peppers. kupil bilet na avtobus i kupil tri banki Doktor Pepper.
1053Tell me something. Are you stupid or something? Skawi mne cto-nibud’. Ty durak cto li?
1054Stupid is as stupid does, sir. Durak tot, kto vedet sebq kak durak, sér.
1055Well, that’s what’s left after me saying, Nu, cto tebe eýe skazat’,
1056“When I was in China on the All-America Ping-Pong team, Kogda q byl v Kitae v amerikanskoj sbornoj
1057“I just loved playing Ping-Pong with my Flex-O-Light Ping-Pong paddle,” q lúbil igrat’ v ping-pong moej raketkoj Fleks-O-Lit.
1058which everybody knows isn’t true, Vse, konecno znaút , cto éto ne tak,
1059but Mama says it’s just a little white lie no mama skazala, cto éto malen’kaq bezobidnaq low’.
1060so it wouldn’t hurt nobody. i cto éto nikomu ne prineset vreda.
1061So, anyway, I’m putting all that on gas, ropes and new nets V obýem, q vlowil vse v benzin, kanaty, novye seti
1062and a brand-new shrimping boat. i lodku, s igolocki.
1063Now, Bubba had told me everything he knew about shrimping, Babba rasskazal mne vse, cto on znal o krevetkax.
1064but you know what I found out? No znaete, cto q sam uznal?
1065Shrimping is tough. Lovlq krevetok – delo neprostoe.
1066I only caught five. Q pojmal tol’ko pqteryx.
1067A couple more, you could have yourself a cocktail. Eýe parocku, i ty smoweh’ sebe sdelat’ krevetocnyj koktejl’.
1068Hey, you ever think about naming this old boat? Éj, ty kogda-nibud’ dumal, kak nazvat’ lodku?
1069It’s bad luck to have a boat without a name. Lodka bez imeni neset neudacu.
1070I’d never named a boat before, but there was only one I could think of, Q do étogo nikogda ne nazyval lodki, no bylo tol’ko odno imq, kotoroe hlo mne v golovu:
1071the most beautiful name in the wide world. samoe krasivoe imq v mire.
1072Now, I hadn’t heard from Jenny in a long while, q ne slyhal o Dwenni dolgoe vremq,
1073but I thought about her a lot, no q mnogo o nej dumal.
1074and I hoped that whatever she was doing made her happy. I q nadeqlsq, cto ctoby ona ni delala, ona byla scastliva.
1075I thought about Jenny all the time. Q dumal o Dwenni vse vremq.
1076Hey! Éj!
1077Lieutenant Dan, what are you doing here? Lejtenant Dén, cto vy zdes’ delaete?
1078Well, thought I’d try out my sea legs. Rehil razmqt’ nogi na vode.
1079But you ain’t got no legs, Lieutenant Dan. No u vas we netu nog, lejtenant Dén.
1080Yes, I know that. Da, q znaú.
1081You wrote me a letter, you idiot. Ty we prislal mne pis’mo, idiot.
1082Well, well. Captain Forrest Gump. I had to see this for myself. Nu,nu. Kapitan Forrest Gamp. Q dolwen byl uvidet’ éto svoimi glazami.
1083And I told you if you were ever a shrimp boat captain i… q govoril tebe, cto esli ty kogda-nibud’ staneh’ kapitanom krevetocnogo sudna,
1084that I’d be your first mate. Well, here I am. to q budu tvoim pervym pomoýnikom. Nu i vot q zdes’.
1085-I am a man of my word. -Okay. Q celovek svoego slova. Xoroho.
1086Yeah, but don’t you be thinking that I’m going to be calling you “sir.” Tol’ko ne xocu, ctoby ty dumal, cto q sobiraús’ nazyvat’ tebq sér.
1087No, sir. Ponqtno, sér.
1088That’s my boat. Éto moq lodka.
1089I have a feeling if we head due east, we’ll find some shrimp, U menq kakoe to predcuvstvie, cto esli my pojdem na vostok, my najdem krevetok, tak cto ruli levee.
1090so take a left. Nalevo!
1091-Take a left! -Which way? Kuda?
1092Over there! They’re over there! Tuda! Oni tam!
1093-Get on the wheel and take a left! -Okay. Xvatajsq za rul’ i tuda. Xoroho.
1094Gump, what are you doing? Take a left! Left! Gamp,cto ty delaeh’? Nalevo! Vlevo!
1095That’s where we’re going to find those shrimp, my boy! Tam my najdem krevetok, moj mal’cik. Xa xa!
1096That’s where we’ll find them. Tam my najdem ix.
1097-Still no shrimp, Lieutenant Dan. -Okay, so I was wrong. Snova net krevetok, lejtenant Dén. Ladno, togda q ohibsq.
1098How are we going to find them? Nu, kuda my teper’ otpravimsq iskat’ krevetok?
1099Well, maybe you should just pray for shrimp. Mowet prosto nado pomolit’sq?
1100So, I went to church every Sunday. Q stal xodit’ v çerkov’ kawdoe voskresen’e.
1101Sometimes Lieutenant Dan came, too, Inogda, so mnoj xodil lejtenant Dén.
1102though I think he left the praying up to me. No vse ravno molit’sq on predostavlql mne.
1103-No shrimp. -Where the hell’s this God of yours? Net krevetok. Cert, nu i gde we tvoj Bog?
1104It’s funny Lieutenant Dan said that, ’cause right then, God showed up. Zabavno, cto lejtenant Dén éto skazal, potomu cto prqmo v tot moment Bog pokazal, cto on est’.
1105-You’ll never sink this boat! -Now, me, I was scared, Ty nikogda ne potopih’ étu lodku. Mne bylo strahno.
1106but Lieutenant Dan, he was mad. no lejtenant Dén bezumstvoval.
1107Come on! Davaj!
1108You call this a storm? Come on, you son of a bitch! Moweh’ vyzvat’ htorm? Davaj, sukin syn!
1109It’s time for a showdown! You and me! Nastalo vremq razborki!
1110I’m right here! Come and get me! Ty i q! Q zdes’! Spustis’ i sdelaj menq!
1111You’ll never sink this boat! Ty nikogda ne potopih’… étu… lodku!
1112Hurricane Carmen came through here yesterday, Uragan Karmen, prohedhij vcera,
1113destroying nearly everything in its path. unictowil pocti vse, cto stoqlo na ego puti.
1114And as in other towns up and down the coast, Vo mnogix gorodax i na poberew’qx
1115Bayou La Batre’s entire shrimping industry v Bae La Batre vsq krevetocnaq industriq
1116has fallen victim to Carmen and has been left in utter ruin. stala wertvoj uragana Karmen i vse prevratilos’ v truxu.
1117Speaking with local officials, this reporter has learned, Odin iz reporterov uznal,
1118in fact, only one shrimping boat actually survived the storm. cto tol’ko odna lodka fakticeski vywila v htorm.
1119Louise. Louise, there’s Forrest. Luiza, Luiza. Éto Forrest!
1120After that, shrimping was easy. Posle étogo lovit’ krevetok stalo legko.
1121Since people still needed them shrimps for shrimp cocktails Vsem lúdqm nuwny byli krevetki dlq koktejlej, barbekú t.p.
1122and barbecues and all, and we were the only boat left standing, A my byli edinstvennoj lodkoj, kotoraq ostalas’ çeloj.
1123Bubba-Gump Shrimp’s what they got. I nas dawe nazvali “Krevetki Babba-Gampa”.
1124We got a whole bunch of boats, 12 Jennys, My kupili gruppu korablej, 12 korablej “Dwenni”, bol’hoj staryj sklad.
1125a big old warehouse. We even have hats that say “Bubba-Gump” on them. My dawe kupili kepki s nadpisqmi “Babba Gamp”
1126Bubba-Gump Shrimp. It’s a household name. Krevetki Babba Gamp. Éto takoe ustoqvheesq vyrawenie.
1127Hold on there, boy. Podowdi-ka , paren’.
1128Are you telling me you’re the owner of the Bubba-Gump Shrimp Corporation? Ty xoceh’ mne skazat’, cto ty vladeleç “Krevetki Babba Gamp”?
1129Yes, sir. We got more money than Davy Crockett. U nas deneg bol’he, cem u Dévida Kroketa.
1130Boy, I heard some whoppers in my time, but that tops them all. Q mnogo cego v wizni slyhal, No éto kruce vsego.
1131We was sitting next to a millionaire. My sideli rqdom s millionerom.
1132Well, I thought it was a very lovely story, A mne pokazalos’, cto éto ocen’ krasivaq istoriq.
1133and you tell it so well, with such enthusiasm. i ty ee tak xoroho rasskazyvaeh’, s takim éntuziazmom.
1134Would you like to see what Lieutenant Dan looks like? Xotite posmotret’ kak vyglqdit lejtenant Dén?
1135Well, yes, I would. Da.
1136That’s him right there. Vot on.
1137And let me tell you something about Lieutenant Dan… Pozvol’te, q koe-cto rasskawu o lejtenante Déne.
1138Forrest, Forrest…
1139I never thanked you for saving my life. Q nikogda tebe ne govoril spasibo za to, cto ty spas mne wizn’.
1140He never actually said so, but I think he made his peace with God. On nikogda ne govoril ob étom, no , dumaú, cto on pomirilsq s Bogom.
1141For the second time in 17 days, Vtoroj raz za 17 dnej,
1142President Ford escaped possible assassination today. prezident Ford izbewal vozmownosti stat’ wertvoj terroristiceskogo akta…
1143Base to Jenny 1. Baza vyzyvaet Dwenni 1. Baza vyzyvaet Dwenni 1.
1144-Base to Jenny 1. -Jenny 1. Go, Margo. Dwenni 1, sluhaú tebq Margo.
1145Forrest has a phone call. Forrestu zvonqt.
1146Yeah, well, you’ll have to tell them to call him back. Ne mog by ty skazat’, ctoby oni perezvonili.
1147-He is indisposed at the moment. -His mama’s sick. On sejcas ne v sostoqnii podojti. Ego mama zabolela.
1148-Where’s Mama? -She’s upstairs. Gde mama? Vverx po lestniçe.
1149Hi, Forrest. Privet , Forrest.
1150-I’ll see you tomorrow. -All right. Uvidimsq zavtra. Xoroho.
1151We sure got you straightened out, didn’t we, boy? Da ty vyprqmilsq, paren’.
1152-What’s the matter, Mama? -I’m dying, Forrest. V cem delo mama? Q umiraú, Forrest.
1153Come on in, sit down over here. Podojdi, prisawivajsq.
1154-Why are you dying, Mama? -It’s my time. Pocemu ty umiraeh’, mama? Nastalo moe vremq.
1155It’s just my time. Prosto nastalo vremq.
1156Now, don’t you be afraid, sweetheart. Tebe… necego boqtsq.
1157Death is just a part of life, Smert’ – éto cast’ wizni.
1158something we’re all destined to do. To, cto predpisano sud’boj nam vsem.
1159I didn’t know it, but I was destined to be your mama. Q ne znala, no mne bylo nacertano sud’boj byt’ stat’ tvoej mamoj.
1160-I did the best I could. -You did good, Mama. Q delala vse kak mowno luche. Ty vse xoroho delala.
1161Well, I happen to believe you make your own destiny. Nu… Ty dolwen sam stat’ tvorçom svoej sud’by.
1162You have to do the best with what God gave you. Vospol’zujsq luchim, cto dal tebe Gospod’.
1163What’s my destiny, Mama? A kakaq moq sud’ba, mama?
1164You’re going to have to figure that out for yourself. Tebe pridetsq samomu éto ponqt’.
1165Life is a box of chocolates, Forrest. Wizn’ kak korobka s hokoladom.
1166You never know what you’re going to get. Nikogda ne znaeh’ kakuú vytaýih’.
1167Mama always had a way of explaining things so I could understand them. Mama vsegda pytalas’ obºqsnit’ mne veýi tak, cto by q mog ix ponqt’.
1168I will miss you, Forrest. Q budu skucat’ po tebe, Forrest.
1169She had got the cancer and died on a Tuesday. U nee byl rak i ona umerla vo vtornik.
1170I bought her a new hat with little flowers on it. Q kupil ej novuú hlqpu s malen’kimi çvetockami.
1171And that’s all I have to say about that. Éto vse, cto q xotel rasskazat’ ob étom.
1172Didn’t you say you were waiting for the number seven bus? Vy po-moemu wdali avtobusa nomer 7?
1173There’ll be another one along shortly. Skoro drugoj podojdet.
1174Now, because I had been a football star, and a war hero, Teper’, kogda q stal futbol’noj zvezdoj, geroem vojny,
1175and a national celebrity, and a shrimping boat captain, naçional’noj znamenitost’ú, kapitanom krevetocnoj lodki
1176and a college graduate, the city fathers of Greenbow, Alabama celovekom, zakoncivhim kolledw, otçy goroda Grinbou, Alabama,
1177decided to get together and offered me a fine job. sobralis’ i predlowili mne prekrasnuú rabotu.
1178So, I never went back to work for Lieutenant Dan, Q ne vernulsq rabotat’ na lejtenanta Déna,
1179though he did take care of my Bubba-Gump money. nesmotrq na to, cto on pozabotilsq o den’gax “Babba-Gamp”.
1180He got me invested in some kind of fruit company. On mne skazal, cto vlowil ix v kakuú-to fruktovuú kompaniú.
1181And so then, I got a call from him saying Zatem on mne pozvonil,
1182we don’t have to worry about money no more, and I said, i skazal, cto nam bol’he ne pridetsq bespokoit’sq o den’gax.
1183“That’s good. One less thing.” I q otvetil: “Éto xoroho. Odnoj problemoj men’he”.
1184Now, Mama said there’s only so much fortune a man really needs, Mama govorila, cto celoveku nuwno stol’ko bogatstva, skol’ko emu dejstvitel’no neobxodimo,
1185and the rest is just for showing off. a ostal’noe prosto dlq pokazuxi.
1186So, I gave a whole bunch of it to the Foursquare gospel church, Nu, q powertvoval çeluú kucu deneg Biblejskoj Çerkvi…
1187and I gave a whole bunch to the Bayou La Batre fishing hospital. dal kucu deneg v gospital’ dlq rybakov v Bae La Batre…
1188And even though Bubba was dead and Lieutenant Dan said I was nuts, I , xotq Babba umer, a lejtenant Dén skazal, cto u menq v golove opilki,
1189I gave Bubba’s mama Bubba’s share. q otdal Babbinoj mame ego dolú.
1190You know what? Znaete cto?
1191She didn’t have to work in nobody’s kitchen no more. Ona bol’he nikogda ni na c’ej kuxne ne rabotala.
1192That smells wonderful. Prekrasno paxnet.
1193And ’cause I was a gazillionaire and I liked doing it so much, A potomu kak q byl supermillionerom, q delal to, cto mne ocen’ nravilos’:
1194I cut that grass for free. podstrigal besplatno travu.
1195But at night time when there was nothing to do A po nocam, kogda necego bylo delat’
1196and the house was all empty, i dom byl pustym,
1197I’d always think of Jenny. q postoqnno dumal o Dwenni.
1198And then, she was there. I potom ona poqvilas’…
1199-Hello, Forrest. -Hello, Jenny. Privet, Forrest. Privet , Dwenni.
1200Jenny came back and stayed with me. Dwenni vernulas’ i ostalas’ so mnoj.
1201Maybe it was because she had nowhere else to go, Mowet byt’ tak slucilos’, potomu cto ej nekuda bylo bol’he idti,
1202or maybe it was because she was so tired, ’cause she went to bed ili, mowet byt’, prosto potomu cto ona ustala,
1203and slept and slept, like she hadn’t slept in years. potomu cto ona lowilas’ v postel’ i spala, spala, kak budto ona godami ne spala.
1204It was wonderful having her home. Éto bylo prekrasno, cto ona wila v dome.
1205Every day we’d take a walk and I’d jabber on like a monkey in a tree, Kawdyj den’ my gulqli, i q boltal, kak martyhka na dereve,
1206and she’d listen about Ping-Ponging, and shrimping, a ona sluhala o krevetkax, o ping-ponge
1207and Mama making a trip up to heaven. I did all the talking. i o tom, kak moq mama otpravilas’ na nebesa. Q govoril vse vremq.
1208Jenny most of the time was real quiet. A Dwenni pocti vse vremq molcala.
1209How could you do this? Kak ty mog takoe sdelat’?
1210Sometimes I guess there just aren’t enough rocks. Inogda, mne kazalos’, cto prosto ne xvataet kamnej.
1211I never really knew why she came back, but I didn’t care. Q nikogda dejstvitel’no ne znal, pocemu ona vernulas’, no menq éto ne bespokoilo.
1212It was like olden times. We was like peas and carrots again. Vse bylo kak v starye vremena. My byli poxowi na morkovku s gorohkom.
1213Every day, I’d pick pretty flowers and put them in her room for her, Kawdyj den’ q prinosil krasivye çvety, i stavil ix v ee komnate,
1214and she gave me the best gift anyone could ever get in the wide world. i ona sdelala mne samyj luchij podarok, kotoryj tol’ko byvaet vo vsem mire.
1215-New shoes. -They make them just for running. And she even showed me how to dance. Oni prednaznaceny tol’ko dlq bega. I dawe pokazyvala mne, kak nado tançevat’.
1216And, well, we was like family, Jenny and me. V obýem, my byli kak odna sem’q, Dwenni i q…
1217And it was the happiest time in my life. …and this Fourth is witnessing one of the largest fireworks displays in the nation’s… I éto bylo samoe scastlivoe vremq v moej wizni.
1218-You done watching it? -…here in New York Harbor… Zakoncil smotret’? Mmm.
1219-I’m going to bed. -…with a spectacular display of tall ships earlier. The Statue of Liberty… Q idu spat’.
1220Will you marry me? Ty vyjdeh’ za menq?
1221I’d make a good husband, Jenny. Q postaraús’ byt’ xorohim muwem, Dwenni.
1222You would, Forrest. Da, Forrest.
1223But you won’t marry me. No ty ne vyjdeh’ za menq zamuw.
1224You don’t want to marry me. Ty ne xoceh’ na mne wenit’sq.
1225Why don’t you love me, Jenny? Pocemu ty menq ne lúbih’, Dwenni?
1226I’m not a smart man, Q ne umnyj celovek,
1227but I know what love is. no q znaú, cto takoe lúbov’.
1228Jenny. Dwenni–
1229Forrest, I do love you. Forrest, q lúblú tebq.
1230-Where are you running off to? -I’m not running. Q ne ubegaú.
1231That day, for no particular reason, I decided to go for a little run. V tot den’, bez vsqkix pricin, q rehil sdelat’ malen’kuú probewku.
1232So, I ran to the end of the road, and when I got there, I thought maybe I’d run to the end of town. Q bewal, poka ne koncilas’ doroga, a potom q podumal – mowet byt’ mne dobewat’ do konça goroda?
1233President Carter, suffering from heat exhaustion, fell into the arms of… Prezident Karter, v sleduúýem gorqcem vypuske…
1234And when I got there, I kogda q dobewal do konça goroda,
1235I thought maybe I’d just run across Greenbow County. Mowet byt’ peresec’ vsú provinçiú Grinbou?
1236And I figured since I’d run this far, Nu q podumal, esli q ubewal tak daleko,
1237maybe I’d just run across the great state of Alabama. mowet byt’ prosto probewat’ ves’ velikij htat Alabama?
1238And that’s what I did. Tak q i sdelal.
1239I ran clear across Alabama. Q peresek ves’ htat Alabama.
1240For no particular reason, I just kept on going. Bez vsqkix pricin. Prosto prodolwal bewat’.
1241I ran clear to the ocean. Q dobewal do okeana.
1242And when I got there, I figured since I’d gone this far, I kogda q pribewal tuda, q podumal, cto raz uw q zabewal tak daleko,
1243might as well turn around and just keep on going. bylo by neploxo razvernut’sq i bewat’ dal’he.
1244And when I got to another ocean, I figured since I’d gone this far, I kogda q pribewal k drugomu okeanu, q podumal, cto raz uw q zabewal tak daleko…
1245I might as well just turn back and keep right on going. pocemu by mne ne razvernut’sq i ne bewat’ dal’he.
1246When I got tired, I slept. When I got hungry, I ate. Kogda q ustaval, q spal. Kogda byl goloden – el.
1247When I had to go, you know… Kogda mne nuwno bylo sxodit’ v tualet… v obýem…
1248I went. q xodil.
1249And so, you just ran. Itak… ty prosto bewal.
1250Yeah. Da.
1251I’d think a lot about Mama and Bubba and Lieutenant Dan. Q mnogo dumal o… mame, i o Babbe i o lejtenante Déne…
1252But most of all, I thought about Jenny. No bol’he vsego , Q dumal o Dwenni.
1253I thought about her a lot. Q ocen’ mnogo o nej dumal.
1254For more than two years now, a man named Forrest Gump, V tecenie dvux let, celovek s imenem Forrest Gamp,
1255a gardener from Greenbow, Alabama, stopping only to sleep, sadovod iz Grinbou, htat Alabama, ostanavlivaqs’ tol’ko ctoby pospat’,
1256has been running across America. bewit cerez Ameriku.
1257Charles Cooper brings us this report. Reportaw ot Carl’za Kupera.
1258For the fourth time on his journey across America, Uwe 4 raz v ego putehestvii cerez Ameriku,
1259Forrest Gump, the gardener from Greenbow, Alabama, Forrest Gamp, sadovod iz Grinbou, htat Alabama,
1260is about to cross the Mississippi River again today. peresecet segodnq Missisipi.
1261-I’ll be damned. Forrest? -Sir, why are you running? Ctob menq certi drúcili. Forrest?
1262Why are you running? Sér, kuda vy bewite?
1263Are you doing this for world peace? Vy delaete éto radi mira na planete?
1264Are you doing this for the homeless? Vy delaete éto dlq bezdomnyx?
1265-Are you running for women’s rights? -Or for the environment? Or for animals? Vy bewite, ctoby podderwat’ prava wenýin? Radi okruwaúýej sredy?
1266They just couldn’t believe that somebody would do all that running Oni prosto ne mogli poverit’, cto kto-to postoqnno bewit
1267for no particular reason. prosto tak, bez pricin.
1268Why are you doing this? Pocemu vy éto delaete?
1269I just felt like running. Mne prosto zaxotelos’ pobegat’.
1270I just felt like running. Q prosto xotel pobegat’.
1271It’s you. I can’t believe it’s really you. Éto ty. Q ne mogu poverit’, cto éto dejstvitel’no ty.
1272Now, for some reason, what I was doing seemed to make sense to people. I po kakim-to pricinam, to, cto q delal, koe-cto znacilo dlq lúdej.
1273I mean, it was like an alarm went off in my head, you know? U menq kak budil’nik v golove razzvenelsq.
1274I said, “Here’s a guy that’s got his act together. “Here’s somebody who’s got it all figured out. On znaet otvet.
1275“Here’s somebody who has the answer.” I’ll follow you anywhere, Mr. Gump. Q budu bewat’ za vami kuda ugodno.
1276So, I got company. Tak u menq poqvilas’ kompaniq.
1277And after that, I got more company. And then, even more people joined in. Posle étogo, moq kompaniq eýe uvelicilas’. A potom, vse bol’he i bol’he lúdej stalo prisoedinqt’sq ko mne.
1278Somebody later told me it gave people hope. Kto-to pozwe govoril mne, cto q daú lúdqm nadewdu.
1279Now… Now, I don’t know anything about that, Nu.. Q nicego ob étom ne znaú,
1280but some of those people asked me if I could help them out. no nekotorye iz tex lúdej prosili menq pomoc’ im.
1281Hey, man, hey, listen, I was wondering if you might help me, huh? Q byl by scastliv, esli by ty pomog mne.
1282Listen, I’m in the bumper sticker business Q zanimaús’ naklejkoj stikerov na bampery.
1283and I’ve been trying to think up a good slogan. Mne nuwen xorohij lozung,
1284And since you have been such a big inspiration to the people around here, nu, a tak kak ty tut vdoxnovenie,
1285I thought you might be able to help me jump into… to q podumal, cto v sostoqnii mne pomoc’.
1286Whoa, man! You just ran through a big pile of dog shit! Muwik, ogo! Ty tol’ko cto probewalsq po takoj bol’hoj kuce sobac’ego der’ma.
1287-It happens. -What, shit? Byvaet. Cto, der’mo?
1288Sometimes. Inogda.
1289And some years later, I heard that that fellow Neskol’ko let spustq, q slyhal cto étot paren’,
1290did come up with a bumper sticker slogan, sdelal takoj lozung dlq bamperov,
1291and he made a lot of money off of it. cto zarabotal ocen’ mnogo deneg na étom.
1292Another time, I was running along, Kak-to bewal odin.
1293somebody who had lost all his money in the T-shirt business, Celovek, kotoryj razorilsq na biznese s futbolkami,
1294he wanted to put my face on a T-shirt, xotel pomestit’ moú fizionomiú na futbolki,
1295but he couldn’t draw that well, and he didn’t have a camera. no risovat’ on ne umel, a fotoapparata u nego ne bylo.
1296Here, use this one. Nobody likes that color anyway. Vot éto voz’mi. Étot çvet vse ravno nikto ne lúbit.
1297Have a nice day. Vsego xorohego.
1298Well, some years later, Cerez neskol’ko let, q uznal,
1299I found out that that man did come up with an idea for a T-shirt. cto tot celovek voplotil v wizn’ étu ideú s futbolkami.
1300He made a lot of money off of it. On sdelal na étom ocen’ mnogo deneg.
1301Anyway, like I was saying, I had a lot of company. Koroce, kak q i govoril, u menq byla bol’haq kompaniq.
1302My mama always said, Moq mama vsegda govorila,
1303“You got to put the past behind you before you can move on.” Ty dolwen ostavlqt’ prohloe pozadi, pered tem kak idti v buduýee…
1304And I think that’s what my running was all about. Q dumaú, imenno v étom zaklúcalsq smysl moego probega.
1305I had run for three years, two months, Q bewal tri goda… 2 mesqça…
130614 days and 16 hours. 14 dnej i 16 casov.
1307Quiet. Quiet. He’s going to say something. Tixo! Tixo! On sobiraetsq cto-to skazat’.
1308I’m pretty tired. Q ocen’ ustal.
1309Think I’ll go home now. Dumaú mne pora domoj.
1310Now what are we supposed to do? Cto nam teper’ delat’?
1311And just like that, my running days was over. Takim obrazom… moq probewka zakoncilas’.
1312So, I went home to Alabama. Q otpravilsq domoj v Alabamu.
1313Moments ago, at 2:25 p.m., as President Reagan was leaving the… Neskol’ko mgnovenij nazad, v 2-15, prezident Rejgan vyxodil…
1314…five or six gunshots were fired by an unknown would-be assassin. Bylo 5 ili 6 vystrelov… Strelqvhij neizvesten, skoree vsego kakoj-to terrorist.
1315The President was shot in the chest, and the assailant… Prezidentu pulq popala prqmo v grud’…
1316I picked up the mail. Q vzqla pis’ma.
1317And one day, out of the blue clear sky, I got a letter from Jenny, I odnawdy, v pasmurnyj den’, q polucil pis’mo ot Dwenni,
1318wondering if I could come down to Savannah and see her, v kotorom ona sprahivala, ne mogu li q priexat’ v Savann
1319and that’s what I’m doing here. i vstretit’sq s nej. Vot poétomu-to q i zdes’. Ux.
1320She saw me on TV, running. Ona videla menq na TV… kogda q begal.
1321I’m supposed to go on the number nine bus to Richmond Street Mne nuwno sest’ na 9 avtobus i exat’ do Ricmont Strit
1322and get off and go one block left to 1947 Henry Street, Apartment 4. vyjti iz avtobusa i projti odin kvartal, na 1947 Xenri strit, 4 kvartira.
1323Why, you don’t need to take a bus. Tebe ne nado exat’ na avtobuse.
1324Henry Street is just five or six blocks down that way. Xenri strit v 5-6 kvartalax otsúda… v tu storonu.
1325-Down that way? -Down that way. V tu storonu? V tu storonu.
1326It was nice talking to you. Bylo ocen’ priqtno s vami poboltat’.
1327I hope everything works out for you! Nadeús’, u tebq vse budet xoroho.
1328Hey! Privet!
1329Forrest! Forrest!
1330How you doing? Come in, come in! Kak ty? Zaxodi! Zaxodi!
1331I got your letter. Q polucil tvoe pis’mo.
1332I was wondering about that. A q tak volnovalas’ nascet étogo.
1333Is this your house? Éto tvoj dom?
1334Yeah. It’s messy right now. I just got off work. Da, pravda tut grqzno. Q tol’ko cto vernulas’ s raboty.
1335It’s nice. You got air conditioning. Zdorovo. I kondiçioner est’. Ux…
1336-Thank you. -I ate some. Spasibo. Q sºel nemnogo.
1337Hey, I kept a scrapbook of your clippings and everything. Q tut nasoxranqla vyrezok pro tebq iz gazet…
1338There you are. vse. Vot oni.
1339And this, I got you running. Vot ty bewih’.
1340I ran a long way, Q probewal dolgij put’.
1341for a long time. Ocen’ dolgoe vremq.
1342And there… Vot…
1343Listen, Forrest, I don’t know how to say this. Posluhaj Forrest, q ne v kurse kak tebe éto skazat’.
1344I just I want to apologize for anything that I ever did to you, Q… Q prosto… q xotela by izvinit’sq… za vse cto q tebe sdelala… potomu cto…
1345’cause I was messed up for a long time, and… q malo cto ponimala… v tecenie dolgogo vremeni, i…
1346-Hey. -Hi. Óxo!!! Privet! Privet.
1347Hey, you. Zdras’te.
1348-This is an old friend from Alabama. -How do you do? Éto moj staryj drug iz Alabamy. Zdravstvujte?
1349Listen, next week my schedule changes, so I’ll be able to… But thanks… Na sleduúýej nedele u menq raspisanie menqetsq… tak cto mne nado…
1350No problem. Got to go, Jen, I’m double-parked. Net problem. Idi.
1351-Okay. Thanks. -Bye. Xoroho. Spasibo.
1352This is my very good friend, Mr. Gump. Can you say hi to him? Éto moj ocen’ xorohij drug, mister Gamp. Moweh’ skazat’ privet?
1353-Hello, Mr. Gump. -Hello. Zdravstvujte, mister Gamp. Privet.
1354-Can I go watch TV now? -Yes, you can. Just keep it low. Mogu q idti smotret’ televizor? Da, tol’ko ne gromko.
1355-You’re a mama, Jenny. -I’m a mama. Ty mama Dwenni. Da, q mama.
1356His name’s Forrest. Ego zovut Forrest.
1357Like me. Kak menq!
1358I named him after his daddy. Q nazvala ego v cest’ ego otça.
1359He got a daddy named Forrest, too? Ego otça towe zovut Forrest?
1360You’re his daddy, Forrest. Ty ego oteç, Forrest.
1361Hey. Nu…
1362Forrest, look at me. Look at me, Forrest. Forrest, posmotri na menq. Posmotri na menq, Forrest.
1363There’s nothing you need to do, okay? You didn’t do anything wrong. Tebe nicego ne nado delat’. Ty vse delal pravil’no.
1364Okay? Xoroho?
1365Isn’t he beautiful? Ne pravda li on krasivyj?
1366He’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. On samyj krasivyj iz vsex, kogo q kogda-libo videl.
1367But… No…
1368Is he smart, or… On smyhlenyj? Ili kak ego…
1369He’s very smart. He’s one of the smartest in his class. On ocen’ smyhlenyj. On odin iz samyx umnyx v ego klasse.
1370Yeah, it’s okay. Go talk to him. Éto xoroho. Idi pogovori s nim.
1371-What are you watching? -Bert and Ernie. Cto ty smotrih’? Bert i Érni.
1372Forrest, Forrest…
1373I’m sick. Q bol’na.
1374What, do you have a cough due to a cold? Ty kahlqeh’, ty prostyla?
1375I have some kind of virus, U menq kakoj-to virus, i doktora, v obýem,
1376and the doctors don’t… They don’t know what it is, oni ne znaút, cto éto takoe
1377and there isn’t anything they can do about it. i oni nicem ne mogut mne pomoc’.
1378You could come home with me. Ty moweh’ vernut’sq so mnoj domoj.
1379Jenny, you and little Forrest could come stay at my house in Greenbow. Dwenni, ty… i malen’kij Forrest… mowete ostat’sq v moem dome v Grinbou.
1380I’ll take care of you if you’re sick. Q smogu pozabotit’sq o tebe, esli ty bol’na.
1381Would you marry me, Forrest? Ty wenih’sq na mne, Forrest?
1382Okay. Xoroho.
1383Please take your seats. Powalujsta sqd’te.
1384Forrest? It’s time to start. Forrest? Pora nacinat’.
1385Hi. Privet.
1386Your tie. Vah galstuk.
1387Lieutenant Dan. Lejtenant Dén.
1388Lieutenant Dan. Lejtenant Dén.
1389Hello, Forrest. Privet , Forrest.
1390You got new legs. New legs! U vas novye nogi! Novye nogi!
1391Yeah. I got new legs. Custom-made. Da. U menq novye nogi. Sdelannye po zakazu.
1392Titanium alloy. It’s what they use on the space shuttle. Titanovyj splav. Takoj ispol’zuút na kosmiceskix korablqx.
1393Magic legs. Volhebnye nogi.
1394This is my fiancG©e, Susan. Éto… moq nevesta. S’úzan.
1395-Lieutenant Dan. -Hi, Forrest. Lejtenant Dén. Privet, Forrest.
1396Lieutenant Dan, this is my Jenny. Lejtenant Dén… Éto moq Dwenni.
1397Hey. It’s nice to meet you finally. Privet. Ocen’ rada nakoneç-to s vami poznakomit’sq.
1398Do you, Forrest, take Jenny to be your wife? Bereh’ li ty, Forrest, Dwenni v weny?
1399Do you, Jenny, take Forrest to be your husband? Bereh’ li ty, Dwenni, Forresta v muw’q?
1400And so I pronounce you man and wife. Obºqvlqú vas muwem i wenoj.
1401-Hey. -Hey. Privet. Privet.
1402Hey, Forrest. Éj, Forrest.
1403Were you scared in Vietnam? tebe bylo strahno vo V’etname?
1404Yes. Well, I… Da. Nu, q –
1405I don’t know. Q ne znaú.
1406Sometimes it would stop raining long enough for the stars to come out. Inogda noc’ú dowd’ vdrug prekraýalsq i na nebe stanovilis’ vidny zvezdy…
1407And then it was nice. i éto bylo prekrasno.
1408It was like just before the sun goes to bed down on the bayou. Éto bylo tak we krasivo, kak zaxod solnça. v Bae La Batre.
1409There was always a million sparkles on the water. Kogda na vode poqvlqútsq milliony iskorok,
1410Like that mountain lake. It was so clear, Jenny, kak gornoe ozero. Ono bylo takoe cistoe i prozracnoe…
1411it looked like there were two skies, one on top of the other. éto bylo kak budto bylo 2 neba. odno nad drugim.
1412And then, in the desert, when the sun comes up, I pustynq, kogda vosxodit solnçe…
1413I couldn’t tell where heaven stopped Q ne mogu skazat’, gde koncaútsq nebesa
1414and the earth began. i nacinaetsq zemlq.
1415It was so beautiful. Éto tak prekrasno.
1416I wish I could’ve been there with you. Wal’, cto menq ne bylo tam s toboj.
1417You were. Ty byla.
1418I love you. Q lúblú tebq.
1419You died on a Saturday morning. Ty umerla v subbotnee utro.
1420And I had you placed here under our tree. I q poxoronil tebq pod étim derevom.
1421And I had that house of your father’s bulldozed to the ground. Mama always said that dying was a part of life. I sure wish it wasn’t. Little Forrest is doing just fine. But… About to start school again soon, and I make his breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. I make sure he combs his hair and brushes his teeth every day. Teaching him how to play Ping-Pong. Okay. He’s really good. Forrest, you go. We fish a lot. And every night, we read a book. He’s so smart, Jenny. You’d be so proud of him. I am. He wrote you a letter. And he says I can’t read it. I’m not supposed to, so I’ll just leave it here for you. Jenny, I don’t know if Mama was right, or if it’s Lieutenant Dan. I don’t know if we each have a destiny, or if we’re all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze. But I think maybe it’s both. Maybe both is happening at the same time. But I miss you, Jenny. If there’s anything you need, I won’t be far away. Here’s your bus. Okay. Hey. I know this. I’m gonna show that for show-and-tell because Grandma used to read it to you. My favorite book. Here we are. Okay. Here you go. Hey, Forrest, don’t… -I wanted to tell you, I love you. -I love you, too, Daddy. I’ll be right here when you get back. You understand this is the bus to school, now, don’t you? Of course, and you are Dorothy Harris, and I’m Forrest Gump. I q srovnql dom tvoego otça bul’dozerom
1422Best watched using Open Subtitles MKV Player s zemlej.

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